14-Day Meditation Journey – Be Kind To Yourself


Meditation is a practice to heal your heart and mind. It takes dedication, persistence, patience, and a willing heart and mind. When you’re at the beginner level of meditation, all it takes is a practice to upgrade your meditation skills to a higher level. In this technologically fast-paced world, many of us start our day with a cup of coffee while scrolling through social media. A short online meditation of 14 day course provides us with the choice to slow down and try our best to live life in the best mindful way. Meditation is likely to be a challenge for beginners at first but then it will become their routine practice. This 14 days meditation course allows you to combat stress and anxiety, feel more focused, enhance sleep patterns, and become more aware of the present. 

Cultivate Inner Strength

Inner peace and strength come from within. It’s the ability to evaluate a situation, examine our thoughts and feelings as a response, and respond intelligently and compassionately to what we’re going through. Inner strengths are the resources you have in your bag while you go along the winding and often difficult route of life. A good attitude, common sense, honesty, inner serenity, determination, and a loving heart are among them.

Confidence Development 

Self-Esteem, positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge, and conversing with others are all useful ways of developing or increasing confidence. A confidence-building training can help you develop these methods. Confidence development is fueled by feelings of security and safety, acceptance of one’s body and mind (self-esteem), and belief in one’s own skills, abilities, and knowledge. Although self-confidence is crucial in almost every aspect of our lives, many people struggle to find it. Unfortunately, this can lead to a vicious cycle in which people who lack self-confidence are less likely to achieve the success that would increase their confidence. You might not want to support a project offered by someone who is plainly nervous, stumbling, or constantly apologizing, for example. Someone has influenced you.

Meditation Online Courses 

Meditation can be practiced anywhere or at anytime. All it requires is a strong devotion and responsibility. In the first week of the online learning course meditation is divided into two main portions: cultivating mindfulness while the second week focuses on deepening the meditation practice. This 14-day challenge will help you explore yourself to find a successful version of yourself. 

Week 1: Cultivating Mindfulness Challenge 

Day 1: Set an intention to discover yourself

Day 2: Make a habit of Mindful Eating


Day 3: Feel gratitude and try to be thankful for the blessings you have 

Day 4: Spend time in nature. Take a walk for 20 minutes

Day 5: Practice Dance 

Day 6: Body-scan Meditation Practice 

Day 7: Yoga Practice 

Week 2: Deepen the Practices 

Day 8: A three-minute meditation practice 


Day 9: Mantra Meditation 

Day 10: Meditate for Five minutes

Day 11: Focused-based Meditation 

Day 12: Escape From Reality, Try Visualization 

Day 13: Breath Your way to relaxation 

Day 14: Meditate for 15 minutes in Ziva style 


Self-realization – A Path Towards Enlightenment 

Self-realization is one of the most important factors in meditation to attain the level of ultimate enlightenment and salvation. It’s an act sof peeling one’s layers of personality to truly understand yourself. Meditation online courses self realization helps in developing sincere introspection and integrity in ourselves that helps us in enhancing our lives and better decision-making. The divine energy that is present within us answers all questions about our life, relationships, targets, desires, and truth. Online meditation and resolution courses help build negotiation skills and enhance the skills of conflict management. These online courses meditation are designed in such a way that they will teach you to become aware of your feelings and surroundings. 

Wrapping Up 

Meditation acts as complementary medicine for the human mind, body, and soul. Meditation is such a practice with different styles that will provide a deep sense of relaxation and calmness to the mind and body. It focuses on the streamlining of jumbled thoughts that are swarming in your mind and help you get rid of them. Meditation is not about unloading the bundle of thoughts and feelings but it’s about facing these challenges at the forefront. It can be practiced anytime because it restores your inner peace and improves your lifestyle by increasing your productivity.