6 Best Tips for Article Writers to Avoid Writer’s Block


1.      Calculate your working time

There is no doubt in saying that you race against the clock! You would be amazed at how quickly our brains are able to come up with ideas in record time. You would be even more surprised to see that by giving yourself a time limit for writing an article, you can better focus on the objective while creating relevant editorial content.

2.      Become aware of your lack of productivity

Imagine it’s 6 p.m. You have just spent 8 or 9 hours of your time in front of your computer screen and there, a sad observation: you have not been productive. The worst is when this situation repeats itself for several days. At the end of the week, either your sales are depressing or you have not posted anything on your company blog.

For the blogger, becoming aware of his lack of productivity is one thing, correcting the situation is another. You should ask yourself the following question: If I had been motivated, could I have written this article more quickly? Or, how long would it have taken me to write this content if I had had a different state of mind?


So, there are two schools that clash when it comes to writing:

The Boot Camp: You do what you like least first.

The camp: You listen to each other and you do what you like to move headlong.

However, it is suggested to use the Boot Camp version. You rip the bandage off with a good jerk, it’s rough, but what happened is forgotten. However, it is quite understandable that you may be attracted to the other version. Certainly, you need to be observant of your needs, and your desires to be able to write quickly.


3.      Set writing goals

If you like to make lists, this solution is for you and also applies to content writing: make a daily work plan to write your articles faster. Be careful, however, to remain realistic and not to blacken a sheet of tasks to do and articles to write. The idea would rather be to list a few actions that must be carried out in your day and to make sure you stick to your to-do list. For example: finish writing an article, create 5 optimized product sheets and search for X new Google queries to exploit for future articles.

4.      Create a writing process to quickly write your blog article

You need to create a writing process before you start writing in order to speed it up. Jot down all the ideas on a paper that comes to your mind about the topic that you have chosen, or you can create a rough brainstorming draft in MS Word in case you are writing on a pc or laptop. Once you have gathered all your ideas, then plan how to incorporate your ideas into the writing. For instance, plan which aspect should come first and then go down stepwise.

5.      Write every day

If you want to bring enhancement to your write-up within a short period of time then you should start writing every day. Make sure to choose the topic of your interest in which you can write almost 2000 words in a day without even getting stuck at any point. If you are a beginner then you can start by writing your daily routine, this is the easiest way to improve your writing skills so far. You can even use Wikipedia to write on daily basis. Hire a Wikipedia page creator to make your page and there you go.

6.      Don’t get distracted

Have you ever been in the middle of writing and all of a sudden stopped because you remember seeing some interesting information somewhere that could fit perfectly in that spot of the blog post? You would probably answer with yes. Often even. And there, you might start looking, “ah maybe it’s on this website” or “but if X tweeted about it” and that’s how you may break your writing rhythm.

You need to leave a space in color and continue your writing for influencer marketing campaign or any other topic which you want to write about. After that, do your research once you have completed the first draft of your writing. You can’t visualize how hassle-free it would be. The simple fact of postponing the search for a reference or information would help you to write your articles more swiftly!



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