Anupama Written Update on the episode

Anupama’s written update on the episode aired on January 31 will have plenty of new details on her latest misbehavior towards Vanraj. The article will also discuss Her argument with Anuj and her decision to stay away from the family. While watching the episode, it is clear that Anupama has been in a lot of trouble with her father. Read on to find out how she handled the situation!

Anupama’s misbehavior towards Vanraj

Anupama’s misbehavior towards her husband vanraj has been a major plot point in this Star Plus daily soap. Anuj has come to Anupama’s place to participate in aarti with her. Vanraj accuses him of acquiring a contract illegally. Anuj tells him that he got it because of Anupama’s encouragement. He tells Anupama that he was a contestant and had tried hard for it. Hence, Anuj has to accept defeat.

After a long time, Vanraj feels relaxed and switches on his phone thinking he needs to talk to someone. He then sees his messages from Kavya and recalls their fight. Seeing his friend’s messages on his phone, Vanraj decides to call Kavya, but Kavya is too late. Vanraj is now worried about Kavya and wants to help her.

Her relationship with Kinjal

Fans of star plus’s Anupama serial are anticipating some twists and turns in the next few episodes. After Samar and Nandni broke up in the last episode, it appears that Toshu and Anupama are on the brink of a breakup in this week’s episode. However, Toshu is not in the mood to get involved in the drama, and he is focusing on his business with Vanraj Shah. But Kinjal is not willing to let Toshu ruin their relationship, and she plans to leave him before things get out of hand.


When Anupama returns home, Kinjal arrives with his kids to attend a birthday party. Unfortunately, Kinjal is already pregnant. She is taken to the hospital, where she cries and is taken to the doctor. Anupamaa is concerned about the unborn child, and she decides to go to a hospital to ensure the baby is fine. Anupama’s mother, Vanraj, comes home to comfort the children, but Kinjal doesn’t believe in it.

Her argument with Anuj

In the episode ‘Anupama’s Argument With Anuj,’ Anupamaa and Anuj are fighting and Anuj tells her to stay away from the Shah family. Anuj feels that Anupamaa has abandoned her family and has been defending Vanraj. However, Anupama stands up for her husband and argues that Anupama had a past she would never forget. In response to her husband’s argument, Anupama tells Anuj that she will meet her family and that she will not let their fight affect their relationship with their children.

Anupama says that she wants to be closer to her husband but has doubts about his commitment to her. She walks into Anuj’s room and sits down on the bed. As the Tu Meri Zindagi Hai song plays in the background, Anupama sobs and hugs Anuj. Despite her pain, Anuj’s commitment to his family and to his children gives her hope.

Her decision to stay away from family

Anupama’s parents are very concerned with her relationship with Anuj Kapadia. Baa and Vanraj Shah are pressing her to quit her job, which Anupama agrees to. However, her family is in a state of acrimony due to Anupama’s frequent arguments and the children’s distance from her. As a result, Anupama decides to stay away from the family to avoid any trouble in her relationship with her new lover.


Meanwhile, Anuj is still angry with Anupama after today’s incident. He is also angry with Vanraj for accusing her of a crime. He asks Anupamaa to stay away from the Shah family for a while until he can resolve the situation between them. Meanwhile, Barkha smirks at Anupama’s decision. As Barkha tries to stop the fight, Anupama is angry with her parents.

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