Assignment Sample for Unit 1: Modern Hospitality Industry



The hospitality sector in the UK is vast. We define the scope of the hospitality industry as the area covered by companies that operate offices and provide services. Since London is a well-known city worldwide, many tourists visit the nation frequently. The hotel industry is highly diversified due to innovation, proprietorship, representation and evaluating agendas, level of administration, and other elements. One of the crucial managerial issues in the lodging sector is identifying the critical contributors inside the company.

Businesses want to identify the primary contributors and examine how they run their associations to accomplish their aims and goals. The hospitality sector should keep an eye on what’s happening in the alliance’s territory and be held accountable for treating its employees appropriately to increase acquiescence. BookMyEssay is here to help you with Hospitality Management assignment help.



Hotels and restaurants are only a tiny part of the hospitality industry. There are 12 further separate industry segments, including:

The UK hospitality industry is enormous. The above diagram illustrates the many business divisions. Apart from this, there are other others. As London is a well-known metropolis around the world, a large number of travelers visit the country regularly. London has many large hotels to accommodate a large number of guests regularly. Therefore, a large number of employees are required to operate similar hotels, which provide a lot of jobs.


The reach of businesses that provide services and offices is referred to as the hospitality industry’s scope. One of the essential revenue-generating businesses in the nation, the hotel sector offers excellent opportunities for career progression. Regarding careers, restaurants are actually in the lead, with pubs, drinking establishments, and clubs almost copying them, while the hotel industry is steadily growing, and food regulation is unwavering.

Due to innovation, proprietorship, portrayal and reviewing agendas, level of administrator, play offices, expected molds, and other factors, the hotel sector is incredibly diverse. Several hotel configurations provide traditional services to tourists. The hotel offers services including internet, a recreation center, a swimming pool, a sauna spray, shops, hair and beauty salons, clothing, vehicle stops, summits and jamboree rooms, and other amenities providing food and comfort. It differs due to the hotel’s ownership and grouping of evaluation criteria. Several types of proprietorship and management structures exist, including partnerships, single-ownership businesses, public limited companies, and private businesses.

An examination of practical, administrative, and governmental problems brought on by current trends impacting the hospitality sector


We must carefully consider the operational issue. Employee wishes are one of the most crucial operational challenges in the lodging sector. Personnel in the hospitality sector are in charge of ensuring that an association runs well. The employee has many requests for the management. They hope to receive their director’s evaluation of their performance, learn skills for their professional development, have flexible working hours, excellent communication, and other things. For their diligent work, they should have both expansion and distinction.

Today’s Market

The direction of identifying the critical contributors inside the firm is one of the essential managerial questions in the accommodation segment. Numerous powerful businesses are leading the market today. Therefore, to achieve their objectives and goals, business wants to identify the key contributors and observe how they manage their association. Thus, to differentiate itself from such organizations, a company must emphasize its marketing strategy and provide excellent customer service. The hospitality industry should monitor what is happening in the alliance’s area. Therefore, businesses must make an effort to focus on team management to stay steady in the testing environment. If the staff feels at ease, then the alliance will be able to accomplish its goal. It is crucial to provide the visitor with the appropriate level of facility provision since the visitor evaluates the hotel based on the level of administration and offices it offers.


Hospitality Laws

Due to hospitality laws, food distribution, travel, and lodging are profitable business operations. It reflects, among other things, the various nuances of the hotel, restaurant, bar, hot tub country club, and traditional marketable processes. Similar to entertainment law, asset holders’ affiliation law, and other strength areas, hospitality law is substantially more of a representation of the types of clients who seek out the attorneys who concentrate their efforts in these areas than it is of actual rules.

Nutrition Disorders


Recent outbreaks of food/nutrition damaging cases and growing awareness of nutrition disorders have aligned hospitality regulations with people’s core values. In essence, terrorist attacks against hotels abroad have also demonstrated the necessity of hospitality regulation in extensive actions, primarily because they relate to protecting guests from damage.

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