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Best Apartments in JVT Villas JVT Villas project is a residential development situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, one of Dubai’s major thoroughfares. A majority of the housing comprises tiny single-family homes and duplexes that have backyards. The area around the triangle is being developed as a housing area. Nearby, Jumeirah Circle is where you can find the largest and best homes within Jumeirah Village Triangle.

Small JVT villas for sale and townhouses with just one or more bedrooms available. Since all houses have extensive gardens, they are perfect for families who want to live and are low-key. The close-by Jumeirah Village Circle offers five-bedroom Jumeirah Village Triangle villas for those seeking more space.

A mere five or four of the high-rises planned in the triangle are built, and while a few medium-rise buildings are complete (some are in limbo), the majority remain to be made.



Best Apartments in JVT Dubai

JVT is a tranquil residential neighborhood that is perfect for tenants looking for a peaceful family home that is well-maintained. JVT is situated close to Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Village Circle. The best area in Dubai to live in is JVT. It comprises The Imperial Residence, Al Jawhara Residences, Al Manara Tower, BQ2, and Green Park. Let’s review each of these towers and see what they can offer you:




The Imperial Residence is the highest place among the famous buildings in JVT. The well-maintained structure has studios and 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom apartments. The complex is composed of 2 towers: The Imperial Residence A and The Imperial Residence B. The best thing about this residential tower located in JVT is the parking options for residents.

Flats for rent at the Imperial Residence average AED 31k annually for studios and AED 40k for apartments with a bedroom. The two-bedroom apartments at Imperial Residence JVT average AED 55k per year for those looking at more prominent residences.



Al Jawhara Residences can be described as an apartment complex with 29 stories that is ranked second in the list of the most renowned structures of the Jumeirah Village Triangle. The ideal position of the building is among the essential advantages it offers those who live there.

The tenants of flats at Al Jawhara Residences can also access an ultra-modern health club sauna and outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Other amenities include four lifts for service and eight lifts for passengers. Interested renters can find studio units at Al Jawhara Residences at 25k per year.




It is known for its well-maintained facilities. The residents living in Al Manara Tower are comfortably at residence within one of Dubai’s most coveted apartments located in JVT, Dubai. The building’s 32 floors are home to studios and one and two-bedroom apartments that feature contemporary design.

The well-maintained structure is equipped with an elevator with high-speed speed and 24-hour security. There is an all-inclusive health club that includes pools, a gym with a sauna, and fitness facilities for those interested in fitness.



The next one on the list of the top buildings in JVT is BQ2. The low-rise building provides an array of spacious studios and one and two-bedroom units, all built in a clean and modern design. The residents of BQ2 Residence can also enjoy having easy access to the community park, which is only 5 minutes away.

In terms of rental costs, the annual cost of the best apartments available for rent in BQ2 ranges from AED 31k to AED 40k for studio apartments. If you are looking for larger homes, one-bedroom apartments in BQ2 are AED 40k. For apartments with two bedrooms, the price average is around AED 59k.




Green Park Residency is a low-rise apartment structure located in JVT. It is a mixture of studio flats, 2-bedroom and 1-bed units with balconies that offer the JVT community broad perspectives.

The cost per year for renting apartment units at Green Park in JVT is approximately AED 27,00 for studios and AED 36k for flats with a bedroom. In addition, two-bedroom units available for rent will cost about AED 62k.



Concerning villas, for consumer interest in JVT, the Mediterranean Villas will be the top option. The neighborhood is awash with spacious and independent homes.

In addition, the fantastic design, large backyards, and luxurious fittings make Mediterranean Villas stand out. It epitomizes urban living. Potential tenants will spend the equivalent of AED 99k annually to lease the Mediterranean Villas located in JVT.




Arabian Villas also has a range of JVT villas located in Dubai. The community is gated and has two-bedroom villas with large rooms and beautifully landscaped gardens. A 2-bedroom villa in Arabian Villas will cost you AED 107k annually.


  • ZaZEN

ZaZEN Properties is promoted by a 111-year-old multi-million-dollar conglomerate with diverse portfolios, including Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Chemicals, and Real Estate. It is providing the Best apartments in Jumeirah Village.

The real estate department is an extension of the long tradition of setting international quality standards. It has experience creating more significant than 10 million square feet of land. In addition, there is 7.7 million square. Feet. Different growth levels.

ZaZEN Properties’ management at ZaZEN Properties brings more than 50 years of expertise in modern urban design, providing new insights into the world of real estate and sophisticated aesthetics.


The residences at ZaZEN One have been designed to be spacious and comfortable, with every convenience. They are enhanced by a variety of specifically designed facilities for modern families. Spend time with your family and friends or connect with your neighbors and lead a better home.


Final Words

While there are a few daily road noises, the area is usually quiet. There is hardly any construction noise if the apartment or office is located near a construction site.

Jumeirah Village Triangle villas are gorgeously designed and have a stunning fashion and posh place in Dubai. The people who reside here are delighted with the exceptional facilities. If you’re planning to move into JVT villas, you should know that Binayah Real Estate Company Dubai has more to offer you that you must be aware of. We’ll be showing you more homes for you to make your life easier.

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