Best Intranet Software & Intranet Solution For Small Business

The use of intranet applications and software has become a trend in organizations of all sizes. Serve as an internal website or portal for employees and people related to the organization. Sometimes referred to as intranet applications or intranet software, it is basically deployed and accessed over a local area network.

Before looking at Best Intranet Applications, let’s first try to understand what a basic intranet is. A computer-specific network for sharing information or resources mainly constitutes an intranet. Applications use Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and network connections to operate. IA and other required intranet software are installed on a central computer that acts as an intranet web server. The intranet application can then be accessed from other personal computers in the network that act as clients.

Developing intranet software requires some important considerations:

  • Intranet application scope and number of access users
  • makes hardware and software supporting intranet software based on scope and user
  • Set up a web server, and client computers, and install applications/software on each computer as needed.
  • Design intranet application modules and pages as needed.
  • Decide on user access rights and test IA as needed.

Intranet applications are used in organizations in a number of ways and have proven to be beneficial tools:

Employee participation in forums and online discussions to increase interaction and knowledge sharing

I Help manage and publish process documents and other documents for all relevant employees, thereby effectively promoting better knowledge management


Intranet software helps promote corporate culture as public information about the organization’s policies and notices is shared across all employees through a common platform

Intranet software is also widely used to exchange various tools and applications such as CRM tools, project management utilities, sales data, etc.

Intranet applications also allow organizations to have other relevant information such as industry news, media news, press releases, and other events

Intranet software needs to be designed not only from a functional standpoint but also from usability and aesthetic standpoint. Another important aspect of intranet applications is security. Because most confidential data resides on the intranet, it is important that no unauthorized users access it, inside or outside the organization. The intranet software also needs to continuously monitor any downtime and make immediate corrections based on availability. I can have many advantages and threats. However, it is undoubtedly an important tool for many organizations and will continue to be used in the future.