Cat6 Plenum Cable – A Need for Modern-Day Networks

The importance of network cables is increasing with every passing day due to modernization in working styles. In big commercial companies, the performance of the employees is hugely dependent on the network speeds on which they are working. Every department in the company is connected with others through a network. Therefore, the cables used in these networks are very important to keep the network speeds fast. In this scenario, the use of Cat6 plenum pure copper cable and Cat6a plenum cable becomes mandatory for the network administrators.

There are not many differences between these two cables. The only major difference is the data transfer speed up to 100 meters distance. With that, you will find many versions of these cables easily available on the market. The network managers only need to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier of these cables to buy them.

In this article, we will discuss some important features and facts about Cat6 Plenum cable. Why it is an important cable and how it improves the performances of the networks.

Important Features Cat6 Plenum cable: –

Some important features of Cat6 cable are defined below.


1.    Data-Transfer Speed: –

The need for high data-transfer speed is increasing with time. It is due to the changing nature of working styles in the offices. Nowadays, companies want to perform many tasks at the same time to increase the speed of the work. Therefore, they need to install networks in the offices that provide their employees with high data-transfer speed to perform these tasks on time.

For this purpose, the Cat6 plenum Cable becomes a mandatory need of the network. This cable can provide 10Gbps data transfer speed up to a distance of 50 meters. If you are installing it in a network where the distance is above 50 meters then its speed comes down to a maximum 1Gbps.

Therefore, it is a good option for small companies where the network distances between the switches, routers, and attached computers do not increase from 50 meters. They can install it and get up to a 10Gbps data transfer speed easily.

2.    Pure copper Conductor Wires: –

Normally, the Cat6 cable is manufactured with the conductor wires of pure copper material. It is the best conductor material to transfer data through the networks. It has low DC property which means it transfers more energy into the networks rather than wasting it in the environment.


3.    Color-coded Conductor Wires: –

The Cat6 bare copper cable comes with four pairs of conductor wires. Each pair is given a different color code for easy identification. This makes the installation of the cables much easier for the network managers.

4.    Conductor Cable Types: –

The conductor cable wires that come in the Cat6 cable are of two types. One is the solid conductor cables and the other ones are the stranded conductor cables. The Cat6 solid copper conductor wires are preferable due to their high efficiency. The stranded copper cables are also efficient wires but they are not as efficient as the solid conductor cables.