Define your love with sterling silver gemstone jewelry


It would be difficult to find a woman who doesn’t like to wear gemstone jewelry or any other metal jewelry in this modern era. Jewelry has become an integral part of a woman’s beauty, and keeping a good collection of jewels makes a woman more stylish and trendy.

All women have a dream that they wear elegant pieces of jewelry so that they can present themselves uniquely in front of society, relatives, etc. Celebrities to common people are adopting the trend of including gemstone jewelry in their life.

Here are some renowned crystal jewelry accessories; you will definitely eager to wear them after knowing their properties and attributes.

Moldavite- the stone of transformation

The crystal is also known as the stone of transformation. Wearing the Moldavite jewelry paves a path of cosmic energies, whether you may think to wear a Moldavite ring, pendant, earrings, and bracelets. The olive green colored crystal was deemed the creativity of meteoroids million years ago in the Czech Republic. The natural powers of the crystal soothe every part of the body physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Moldavite Jewelry - Rananjay Exports

Wear the Moldavite jewelry and the Libyan Desert Glass jewelry together to create an impressive look before others, as both are the crystals from the tektite family carrying the same powers and attributes. Use these two ambrosial crystals together to manifest your dreams and will-powers. In addition, a combination of these crystals makes you able to grasp the healing advantages of both crystals at one time. 

Larimar- A stone of purification

Larimar Jewelry - Rananjay Exports


Larimar jewelry is the perfect crystal jewelry for you if you want crystals that enhance your beauty in just a few seconds, as the crystal embeds eye-catching hues properties in itself. The bluish-green-colored gemstone comprises the energies of the tranquil Sky and the deep Ocean. The crystal belongs to the Dominican Republic and comes in the rarest category of gemstones.

Moonstone- The stone of new beginnings

Moonstone Jewelry - Rananjay Exports

If you are looking to wear jewelry regularly at home or office to boost your daily presence, then the Moonstone jewelry is the perfect gemstone that will suit all your styles. Cool vibes and shimmering presence are the main virtues of the crystal. The crystal has been one of the most worn gemstones since ancient times. The moonstone is thought to carry the moon’s powers like positivity, hope, love, and truth to it is wearers. In addition, if you are a June-born person, you can wear a Moonstone ring as your traditional birthstone.

Opal- A royal gemstone

 Opal Jewelry - Rananjay Exports

Opal is a popular gemstone because of its multiple color properties, as the crystal ranging from red, white, and orange to pink colors has been recognized since ancient civilizations. Queen Victoria, to today’s youth, has been keeping the elegant Opal Jewelry pieces in their wardrobe collection and wearing them with great pride. It is believed that wearing the crystal allows you prosperity, good wealth, and health and brings many more good things in life. Moreover, October-born persons wear this astonishing gemstone as their traditional birthstone.

Turquoise- A stone of amplification 

Turquoise Jewelry - Rananjay Exports

Upgrade your style by including the Turquoise gemstone in your jewelry collection. Which is the perfect crystal to wear every day. The crystal is a semi-precious gemstone that adorns personalities and never goes out of fashion.

Besides the beautiful color for which it is known. Turquoise is said to have mesmerizing powers that bring strength and protection to whoever wears it. So Investing in Turquoise jewelry can uplift your life while also lending you a talisman for success and good fortune.


Gemstone jewelry is an excellent choice for fashion purposes and balancing life from it is healing attributes. Furthermore, gemstones are an emblem of love, prosperity, and another positive aspect. And I believe everyone should include at least one crystal in their lives.

Although purchasing online is not a matter of concern, purchasing from an authentic source should be your first point. Always consider an authentic source while buying your gemstone jewelry. Rananjay Exports has an extensive collection of gemstone silver jewelry. As they deal in manufacturing and supplying silver gemstone jewelry at wholesale rates. You can explore the website now and book your favorite collection of jewelry.


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