What are Emotional Problems and bonding With Pets? 2021


Every day people in the country release pets. Or consider abandoning them at childbirth. Before you can abandon a pet, you need to know if it is possible for you to have an emotional bonding with an animal.

At the root of the problem is that many people see their pets as harmless creatures bought for fun. That they are “just insensitive animals“. Senior Veterinarian and Canine Behavior Drs. Durai Kumar shares: “In general, pets are part of many children’s lives. Parental involvement, open communication and planning are needed to make animal husbandry a better experience for all”.

What are Emotional Problems and bonding With Pets

Dog and Newborn pets

A newborn baby can be a great joy to parents who devote 24 hours a day to the baby’s ministry, but in pets, most people do not seem to understand the need to bond emotionally. For a close, happy and positive relationship between pets and pet parents, there should be an ongoing reconciliation of love and attention between them. The love between them grows through interpersonal relationships such as grooming, playing, walking together, and even hugging.

A common question is veterinarians who feel that pets are under stress when a child diverts attention from their masters. “Not all dogs are affected by the arrival of a child,” confirms Dr. Duraikumar. “However, if the first parents can find a difference in the behavior of their pet next to the pregnant woman, it is time to train the animal from a professional dog trainer.”

Another common question is whether children get diseases from dogs. “There is no high risk of infection from pets,” emphasizes Dr. Muralidaharan, an infectious disease specialist. “Zoonoses i.e. common infectious diseases transmitted to humans from animals depend on a number of factors, most importantly the direct contact of pets or humans and wildlife.” He goes on to emphasize, “The best way to avoid infection is to get your pet to a reliable source. You can consult a veterinarian for the same professional advice. ”

What are Emotional Problems and bonding With Pets

No desertion at all!

When neglected pets are neglected, they gradually defend themselves, intimidate, and intrude. “A pet can see changes in the way the pet’s parent does,” said Drs. highly aroused by the environment. ”


You can hide or dispose of the things the dog likes to dispose of and find yourself at peace and comfortable. Then create a structured and consistent process of feeding and mobility. Try to ignore minor mistakes and encourage your pet’s efforts with new ways of tying. Caring for pets is a good learning experience for children. It teaches them values ​​of commitment, gentleness, and respect, not only for dogs but also for other living creatures.


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