Excellent tips to prepare for the defence exams


The defence forces of our nation protect our country’s people from all external and internal threats. Our defence forces are all about sacrifice, glory, valor, and the greatest principles. Even to become a part of these defence forces, a candidate has to go through an exhausting journey to show his capabilities. In simple words,  an aspirant aiming for defence forces has to crack the defence exams conducted by Indian commissions. Cracking these defence exams requires tough preparations from the candidates. The candidates have to show their intellectual and other important skills by clearing the defence exams. In this article, we have encapsulated some expert tips that can help a  candidate prepare for the defence exam effectively. 

To join defence forces, Indian youngsters usually appear for NDA, CDS, and AFCAT exams. If you are also making up your mind to appear for one of these exams. Then, know that these defence exams usually have different eligibility criteria. Every candidate must consider these eligibility criteria before finalizing his decision to appear for the defence exams. If you are aiming for the CDS exam then reach a credible platform that delivers excellent CDS coaching in Chandigarh to prepare under the guidance of the experts. 


Here, go through the expert tips to crack the upcoming defence exams. 

Organize yourself

When you feel organized then you can easily focus your energies on the exam preparations. But to keep yourself organized you must devise a plan and work according to it. Can you make a guess on what can make you organized throughout the exam preparations? Well, the answer is adhering to an effective strategy. Make a plan on how you can reach your destination. For this, you have to know what is required to crack the defence exams, the syllabus, the types of questions, the entire procedure of the defence exams, etc. Thus, devise a plan and adhere to it throughout the defence exam preparations. 

Previous year’s question papers

Well, before finalizing your decision to appear for a particular defence exam, you must listen to the toppers of the exam. Their interview videos can easily be accessed on youtube. If you have gone through these interview videos then you must have been suggested to solve the last year’s question papers. Basically, these papers include the questions and format of the questions asked in the exam conducted last year. Analyzing these papers will help you become aware of some crucial information.  Such as the number of questions, types of questions, important instructions, important content, etc. 


Know your strength and  weakness

It is imperative to know where you stand while preparing for the exam. Well, what can help you access that? Simply by practicing maximum mock tests available on the internet. These mock tests can be accessed free of cost from many websites. Therefore, get them and practice them regularly for half an hour daily on your pc/laptop. Solving mock tests regularly can improve your speed of attempting question papers quickly. Not only this, but in fact, these tests can also help you improve your accuracy and can help you avoid negative marking. Therefore, solving mock tests regularly is propitious for you. 

Cover the syllabus

Well, there is no loss in improving your knowledge. But while preparing for the defence exams, you must bring your focus on covering the syllabus rather than gaining vast knowledge. You can improve your knowledge by reading random books in your free time. But during the study hours, you must improve or gain the knowledge that is relevant to the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Note that the entire syllabus of the defence exams can be covered in three months. But the condition is that the candidate must follow the right approach. Therefore, get the books that are relevant to your syllabus. Additionally, make sincere efforts to revise the syllabus at least two or three times before appearing for the exams. 

Stay positive 

While preparing for the defence exam, you’ll come across so many situations or thoughts that will force you to quit your dreams. Instead of focusing on them, try to get a solution to gte rid of them. So that they won’t refrain you from achieving your goal anymore. Use your problem-solving ability and decision-making ability to get help on this. Furthermore, you can read biographies of successful people. Reading these biographies will help you channel through hardships. 

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Your ability to focus on solutions is going to help you a lot. Remember that the toppers who cracked the defence exam last year were also once the defence aspirants. Their dedication, sincere efforts and ability to focus on solutions made them do the impossible. Therefore, you must also believe in your abilities to achieve success in the defence exams. 


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