Now fashion will not decrease even in monsoon, follow these tips


Monsoon has knocked. The rainy season is liked by most people, but in this season there are some such things that spoil its fun. One of these is the wetting of clothes. After this, it seems that fashion should be forgotten in this season. But you don’t need to think like that anymore. We have brought some such tips for you, keeping in mind that if you carry the dress, then you will be able to enjoy the rain and your fashion will also remain intact.

Wearing Shot Dress: Do not wear outfits like long dresses like palazzo, long skirts, and trousers in the rainy season. Because due to rain, these clothes can get dirty and wet from below. This dress gives trouble, especially in those places where the rainwater is sour. Instead, you can try clothes that do not touch the ground, such as capris, short skirts, short one-pieces, trousers below the knees, and frocks.

Carry the dress of thin and synthetic fabric: Carry such a dress in the rainy season which is not too long and is also thin. You can wear outfits made of synthetic fabric these days because these clothes remain light even after getting wet and dry quickly.

Take care of colors: Avoid wearing white clothes during the rainy season. Instead, you can carry a red, yellow, blue, and orange color dress. Avoid wearing clothes that give off color. If the clothes leave the color after getting wet, they will not be right for your body. Talk about white clothes, then these clothes are more prone to stains and these stains are not easily removed.

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Try Lehariya: If you want, you can try Lehariya-style clothes on rainy days. College girls can wear a Lehariya salwar suit and Kurti. With this, she can take a Leheriya dupatta or scarf. Women who are fond of wearing sarees can carry Lahariya saree designs with blouses.


Accessories matching clothes: Matching accessories with clothes add to our fashion even more. No matter how expensive you are wearing clothes, if your accessories do not match your dress, then it is useless to wear your expensive dress because as much as the dress is important, the accessories are also important with the dress. Now talk about the rainy days, during the rainy days you can carry matching accessories like earrings, bangles, mass, shoes, scarves, and an umbrella with your clothes.

Try leather bags and light shoes: Do not go out with leather bags in this season as leather bags take a long time to dry after getting wet. There is also a risk of getting fungus. Apart from this, try to carry light shoes, and sandals only during rainy days. It would be better if you wear flat slippers or sandals.

Do not wear thick clothes: Do not wear thick fabric clothes like jeans or denim dresses at all in this season, because it is very difficult to make them dry after getting wet in the rain.

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