Amazing features about Trendnet AC1200 wifi router device


Trendnet AC1200 wifi router is one of the most superior routers these days. It is preferred because of its fast connectivity and high data transfer rate. Here we will instruct the ultimate details about the router. The Trendnet AC1200 wifi router is the brand of the Trendnet and the frequency band class of the router is Dual-band. The frequency of the data connectivity is so fast as compared to other routers. It can be used in both operating systems MAC and Windows 8. The data transfer rate of the router is so high which provides 300 Megabytes per second (Mbps). The wireless type of the router is 802.11a/b/g/n.

Amazing features about Trendnet AC1200 wifi router device
Amazing features about Trendnet AC1200 wifi router device

Let’s learn more about the router. This type of wifi uses the home’s Wi-Fi connection to get connected to the internet. We can also control our room ac using a remote with the help of a mobile application. If there are multiple Wi-Fi ACs at home or your office, using a mobile device you can control them conveniently. Its dual-band speed of up to 300 Mbps for 2.4 Ghz and up to 1.3 Gbps for 5 Ghz. Can easily be configured by using the Trendnet ac1200 wireless router IP address, it will take you to the admin panel.

Setup a Trendnet AC1200 wifi router

The steps behind the setup of a Trendnet AC1200 is too easy. By using a smartphone or a tablet or a computer you can easily set it up. It is much simpler compared to other routers. For the first, you just have to enter the password and the username then accept all the requirements, and then you will be logged in to your router. If you have opportunely logged in then you will know the advantages of the wifi router. If you are a gamer or a vlogger then this router should be the first option for you. Because its data transfer rate is too high. And it is also applicable for others who want to work from home.

You can also register for the product after having logged in. Tapping the Complete Registration option you should fill up the complete information asked there and then you will be registered. A software optional page will open After doing this. The page will display any available optional software and user manual. At last, tap on “Thanks”, and proceed for the button to access the Dashboard.

Why the Trendnet AC1200 wifi router is preferable:

It is a Proprietary Intellistream Quality of Service(QoS) that prioritizes video streaming and gaming. Its Parental control is powered by Norton. Norton Parental Control enables guardians or parents to keep up their eye on their children for what children are doing, using this advantage you can save your child from negative issues, and also you can prevent them from other scamming websites. You can also add an online limit that cannot let your children use the device for more than a limited time. They cannot vis unsuitable and harmful websites. Which made its advantage more preferable.

How to get the Router:

There are many indicators in the router which make it easy to get you about the router. Whether the router is providing the Internet to the device or not.
Router Status Light – The lights on the front help you to get the router properly.


OFF – If none of them is blinking then plugs are not plugged properly. This light indicates that the router is not switched on or started yet.
Blinking Blue – It indicates that the router is starting up. It blinks when you have just switched on it.
Solid Blue – This indicator shows the status of connecting, (successfully to the internet).
Blinking Amber – It means the router has no internet or is not connected properly. Or check the modem is powered “ON”,

So these are the basic indicators that make it easy to get what the router is indicating.

There are also many amazing advantages of the router which attract people to it. Let’s know about it too:

  • It is 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac which is one of the latest in the new generation.
  • Trendnet AC1200 is a dual-band concurrent wireless radio
  • It uses the Guest network of 2.4 GHz
  • This is 3*3 spatial streams.
  • Data rates up to 300 Mbps(2.4GHz) and 1.3(5GHz)
  • It contains 4* gigabytes Ethernet ports.
  • This device has two USB ports for storage or printer sharing.
  • It provides Norton Parental Control
  • It is a Multibeam technology.
  • DLNA media server for streaming multimedia content.

So, these are the most attractive features of the Trendnet AC1200 router which make it one of the most preferable routers in the present-day generation. You can easily configure and modify the setting with a login. More information will be offered to the user. Stay with our website from time to time for more updates. You will get all the informative details.


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