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We recently spoke with dalci’s creator to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey. The Go Puff Driver App story is around supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola, two first-generation entrepreneurs, established our company with just one modest automobile and a huge goal.

That’s why we’re so dedicated to using our business model to help other small company owners succeed even more.

We understand that supporting local companies is vital not only to us but also to our customers. More than 88 percent of Go Puff Driver App customers say they prefer to buy local goods and products.

Go Puff Driver App Platform

So, while the Go Puff Driver App platform and distribution network help these smaller firms reach even more customers, we’re also providing our customers with access to the local products they know and love, delivered in minutes

.We introduced items from over 500 local brands across the country in 2021, headed by an exceptionally diverse collection of entrepreneurs, including those from underrepresented areas in the business sector.

Najwa Khan

We’re thrilled to feature Najwa Khan, one of our platform’s outstanding female small business entrepreneurs. After suffering from health difficulties and eating fads, Najwa founded the dance brand. She created several gut-healthy brownies, including her Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Gut-Healthy Brownie and Lemon Coconut Gut-Healthy Brownie, which are both ready-to-eat.

Entrepreneurial Journey With Najwa Khan

We recently spoke with Najwa about her entrepreneurial journey at Go Puff Driver App and what advice she would provide to other young women.


Tell Us About Your Foray Into Entrepreneurship.

Najwa: I am a first-time founder, but I have spent the last decade working at startups in jobs that have prepared me to build a product from the ground up. This gave me the courage to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.

In the summer of 2020, I began Go Puff Driver App in the thick of the pandemic. I found out I was pregnant with my first child on the day we launched dalci.com. I self-produced, baked, packaged, fulfilled, and fundraise during the first year of the business while also navigating a high-risk pregnancy.

This was a particularly difficult period for me, but it forced me to expand our production and facilities teams, focus on direct-to-consumer sales, polish our brownies and packaging, and listen to customer feedback.

Providing  Fresh, Clean, And Wonderfully Delicious Brownies

I’m ready to expand dance and provide our fresh, clean, and wonderfully delicious brownies to more people with Go Puff Discount Code so I can reach more and more people now that both dalci and my baby are over a year old.

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Company?

Najwa: I didn’t feel like there was a food ally among the classic and developing Go Puff Driver App As a consumer, I felt like I was constantly being urged to eat a certain way, avoid certain items, or follow a fad diet to be “healthier.”

I missed having a brand to which I felt emotionally attached and which recognized that eating should be enjoyed rather than restricted.

I couldn’t find a single packaged snack, dessert, or bar that was honestly clean, honestly nutritious, and truly delicious as I searched the aisles for a dessert brand that was simply clean and also tasted nice.

Uncomplicated Product

I simply wanted a tasty, clean, uncomplicated product that didn’t need me to be a baker and pleased my sweet taste. I wanted a business that could help me eat healthily and deliciously. After years of whining, I decided to stop complaining and start acting with my own company, Go Puff Driver App

What Made You Want To Make Dalci? What Is The Origin Of The Name?

Najwa: I started eating Go Puff Driver App because I was sick of diet culture and bad food connections. I chose to take action, approach my food journey holistically, and live in a world where I could enjoy dessert after years of fighting health issues, attempting fad diet after fad diet, and dealing with bad gut health.

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As a public health practitioner, I’m concerned about the messages we provide to young children about food, bodies, and health. Did you know that nearly half of Americans worry about their weight regularly, and more than half of young girls believe they need to lose weight?

I recognise the hazards of promoting fads and elimination diets as someone who has struggled with body image issues and poor food connections her whole life.

By Eating Holistically

looking at food for its own natural nutritional benefits, and allowing myself to eat items I enjoyed. I was able to heal my gut and my food views. We all deserve to live in a world where we can have our cake and eat it too. In my opinion. That is what prompted me to begin Go Puff Driver App

The Word Dalci

Comes from the Bengali word dalchini, which means cinnamon. Spice was a way of life for me growing up in a South Asian and Moroccan household.

When I think of cinnamon, I remember all of the joyful times I’ve had in the kitchen. With my family, cooking and eating together. I named my company dalci because I want it to be a brand that makes people happy.

Some Of The Obstacles while Started Your Company, And How Did You Overcome Them?

Najwa: It was critical for us to be a perishable product from the beginning. Because our brownies are made from scratch, they degrade quickly when compared to most packaged goods. This was a huge challenge for us because we couldn’t go to a co-manufacturer right away and had to self-produce.

We must keep our brownies frozen or refrigerated in order to enjoy dalci at its best. Without the help of a third-party vendor, we had to handle production, fulfilment, and storage ourselves.

Self-Production Is Quite Expensive

especially for a new business. Fortunately, we have a lot of supportive customers and partners, like GoPuff. Who love what we’re doing with our brownies and have experience dealing with perishable treat brands.

We’ve recently relocated to a larger facility, which will allow us to increase.


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