Gojek Clone: One-Stop Solution for Multi Service Business Nigeria

It wasn’t long ago that people were stuck inside their homes waiting for the lockdown to get over. During those tough times, what stood up to fulfill customers’ needs and wants was this on-demand multi-service app – the Gojek Clone Nigeria. In other words, this multi-service app is a one-stop solution where the customers can find anything and everything with a single tap. You name the service and the app will have it. 

The app offers 82+ on-demand services which are categorized into 7 major components. Let’s take a brief look at these components to clearly understand what all this app has to offer under a single roof. 

Multi-service App and Its 7 Major Components 

The Gojek Clone app Nigeria offers 82+ services from different genres such as transportation and logistics, healthcare, fitness, wellness, delivery of goods, personal shoppers, etc. To narrow them down, 7 components were created. These are: 

  • Online taxi booking: here the customers can book a taxi, carpool, rental, or moto ride from their smartphone. 
  • Online video consultation: it is the component where the customers can book a video consultation with the professionals like doctors, lawyers, tutors, fitness coaches, etc. 
  • Service bidding: in this service, the customers can now negotiate the price with the local handyman, virtually! 
  • On-demand services:  on-demand services include booking a beautician, tow truck, car washer, carpenter, babysitter, plumber, etc. right through the app!
  • Parcel delivery: customers can now deliver anything from x location to y by hiring a parcel delivery expert. 
  • Delivery from stores: this service lets the customers order food, medicines, flowers, etc., from the stores and get the deliveries to their doorstep. 
  • Hire a delivery genie or delivery runner: your customers can hire a personal shopper who will fetch and purchase the items you need from the local market. Whereas, the delivery runner will go around the local areas to drop off or pick up things you want. 

Well, these are the 7 major components of the on-demand multi-service app that we were talking about. 


Upscale the Multiple Services with the Gojek Clone Nigeria  

If you want to upscale your business, you need to get a pre-built app from the white-labeling experts first. Thereafter, you can start customizing it according to your needs. Suppose you have tried the demo app and purchased the script soon after. Now, you want a complete rebranding of the app. What would you do? Well, you do nothing more than ask the expert app developers to do it for you. They will: 

  • Add your company’s name and logo everywhere. 
  • Change the color theme to match it with your name and logo. 
  • Integrate your preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateway. 

This is the first step towards upscaling your business with an on-demand multi-service platform. Next up, you have to decide which services and features should you add to the app. 

Add the services your customers want 

There is no way the Gojek Clone app Nigeria will function with a single service. Therefore, you need to make an entire list that mentions which services to add to the app. However, your customers play a huge role in deciding what services to add. 

In brief, before beginning to add the services to the app, conduct thorough market research and ask what your customers want. 


Integrate the best features

Since you’d be operating in a tech-savvy market, you need to integrate the best and the most modern features into the app. For example, here are some features you may like to integrate: 

  • Smart login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. 
  • Wallet-to-wallet transfer 
  • GPS tracking 
  • SOS button 
  • Book now or book later 
  • Search filters 
  • Voice note instructions for the delivery driver 

In Conclusion:

Summing up, let’s just wrap up our minds around the thought that Gojek Clone Nigeria is the ultimate on-demand multi-service app! This digital platform with 82+ services has made millions of people live the comfortable life that they wanted to. Moreover, it has already made hundreds of entrepreneurs like you, millionaires! 

So, grab the clone app script today!