A Guide to Buy the Perfect Nightstands for Your Home


How does a nightstand differ from a bedside table? There is a very thin line between the two. As the name suggests, the bedside table is a small piece of furniture placed beside the bed. A nightstand, on the other hand, is typically a low table that can be placed not only close to the mattress but also in the living room and at some corner in your dining area.

Nightstands are versatile pieces of furniture in that they can be mistaken for accent tables in size and shape. In addition, the size and height of a nightstand also vary. Wood and pressboard are the most common materials used for nightstands. Rattan nightstand, metal nightstands, and even glass nightstands are some of the other options.

These items include a lampshade, an alarm clock, your favorite picture frame, a pair of eyeglasses, a box of tissues, your cellphone, and so on. They can be styled simply with or with no drawer or built with layers of drawers that will serve more purposes other than providing support to nighttime essentials. But make sure you keep stuff that matters and make it as minimalistic as possible because it will help you keep things sorted.

Choosing the Best Nightstands

So, bedside furniture is a must. If the bed is purchased in a set with bedside tables or tables, there is nothing to think about. However, not everyone likes ready-made sets because the interior, furnished with the same type of elements, is devoid of individuality. It looks generic and faceless.

If you decide to assemble your bedroom from different pieces of furniture independently, our article is just for you. How to choose bedside tables and tables so that the sleeping area is comfortable and beautiful?

1. By size

The height is the most important. No matter how chic a table is, it’s useless if it’s hard to reach from the bed. It is believed that the ideal option is a nightstand flush with the bed. The furniture is lined up in a single row, which makes the composition symmetrical and balanced. It’s pleasing to the eye. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that it is this height of the bedside elements that is the most ergonomic.


When making a choice, evaluate the overall impression of the furniture. The bedside items should match if the bed looks heavy and solid. So, to a bed with an impressive headboard, you can pick up massive chests of drawers. Graceful tables are suitable for a sleeping place with a light back. Proportionality and balance – that’s what you need to strive for.

2. By design

If you like to have everything at hand, get bedside furniture equipped with closed drawers. It is better to keep a notebook, a pen, medicines, a sleep mask, earplugs, hand cream, and other little things behind the door. Otherwise, chaos will always reign in the sleeping area.

If a book, an alarm clock and a glass of water are enough for you, then a neat table without doors and drawers is quite suitable for your bedroom. And if the room is small, you can think about an alternative option – bedside shelves.

3. By design and color

For an elegant classic bedroom, you must select bedside tables in the same style as the bed. They may vary in color. In a modern interior, style mixtures are acceptable. For example, it can complement an exquisitely elegant bed with original tables with a futuristic design. Or vice versa, to attach luxurious nightstands in neo-baroque style to a modern minimalist bed.

Mirrored, glass, and glossy white or gray nightstands fit almost any bed. Next to the headboard, upholstered in fabric, smooth painted furniture looks great. Compositions built on the combination of different textures are always the most effective.



4 Best Types of Nightstands

Looking for the best piece of furniture depends upon an individual’s preferences, needs, and financial capacity, although the price should not be a hindrance to your chosen amount. According to the experts, the following are the nightstands considered the best for homes.

1. Nightstand Tables

The central attraction of this type of furniture is the beauty and design of its tabletop and base rather than the storage capacity. Nonetheless, some nightstand tables might come with a drawer or two, but still, it is the flat top surface that is more highlighted. Likewise, using a bedside or end table is okay so long as their design matches the bedroom décor.

2. Bedside Chests

If you are thinking of functionality and convenience, go for the nightstand with a chest of drawers, for instance, 2 or 3 compartments. Aside from providing great storage for certain items, drawers are also helpful if you want to keep some things out of sight, just like the cord of your devices. Its flat top surface is where you set your nighttime essentials on. The pull-out trays could also serve as extra temporary surfaces that are of great use. What makes them different from the usual dresser or chest is that their top characteristics are at a level with or some inches higher than the mattress.

3. Bedside Cabinets

As the name implies, a nightstand cabinet has a convenient cabinet with a door that you can use to stash away bigger items. It also has a useful top flat surface and may or may not have a drawer. You might confuse nightstand cabinets with bedside chests since both pieces of furniture provide plenty of extra storage.

4. Bookshelf Nightstands

Even if you are not a book lover, it does not mean that this awesome piece of furniture is not fit for you. A bookshelf nightstand enhances your bedroom’s beauty, adding a touch of class and sophistication to your bedside. Besides, with a bigger space, you can arrange an array of books and some larger items in it. In addition, old books can be mixed and matched with the decorations inside the bedroom and the nightstand itself to optimize the use of space.


The best type of nightstand for your home depends on many factors, most importantly your needs and preferences. With the wide array of selections in the market now, it would be easier to find the one that suits you best.


Also, don’t forget to consider other important details such as the size of your room and the rest of the furniture pieces inside it. With all these factors, picking the best nightstand should be a breeze. Happy shopping!