How does Instagram promotion work?


Instagram’s estimated marketing reach is second only to Facebook. It’s a staggering number of users each month. It’s no surprise that Instagram has a huge potential for marketers. Many businesses use Instagram ads and promotions to promote their products and services. Every day, 200 million Instagrammers visit at most one commercial profile. These visitors don’t even follow these profiles, with two-thirds not following they (Source).

  • IG users use the platform to learn about products or services. 80% (Source).
  • Stories are used by 4,000,000 companies every month to advertise (Source).

Instagram is a more popular social media platform than any other. It offers new ways to promote your content and business. How do they work? Let’s take a look at Instagram promotions to see why they work so well.

What are Instagram promotions?

You can promote your content via two official channels. There are two official ways to promote your content on Instagram: Instagram Ads or Instagram Promotions. Instagram Promotions are advertisements that aren’t ads. They allow you to promote any publication or Story. You can upload a photo, video or Story to promote it. An advertisement that promotes a product or service regularly is called a regular ad. Targeted ads are designed to attract potential customers. Instagram promotions don’t advertise anything; they aren’t interested in increasing conversions. Promoted publications have a greater chance of being seen by a wider audience.

This increases their reach and engagement, which could lead to audience growth.  While targeted ads and buying Instagram followers Malaysia are two different tricks, they both have their place in Instagram marketing. Promotions build brand awareness and attract customers. You don’t have to launch an entire marketing campaign.

How does Instagram promote?

Instagram promotions and Instagram ads both require a business account. Promos are easier to use. You can publish a story or post, tap on promote, and Instagram will mark it as sponsored. You want to see how it looks? Scroll down to see the sponsored post. There’s a good chance you’ll find a sponsored post very soon. Any publication can be promoted. It doesn’t even have to advertise anything. You can easily promote a Story about the wonderful weather outside your window that you have posted recently. It can also be promoted, so it may seem confusing. Promotions look just like regular ads. How they work is the difference.

Targeted ads

  • Use Facebook’s Ads Manager to set up.
  • Multiple settings are available and you will need to choose your campaign objectives.
  • Allow you to promote photos and videos not published on Instagram.
  • Basic rules for targeted advertising campaigns are required.


You can launch without leaving Instagram, or by using Facebook tools.


You can promote any post published on your profile. It is very easy to activate and set up, with a small number of settings. They are intuitively understandable by anyone, even people who don’t know much about Instagram marketing.

Different types of promotions

You can only promote Instagram effectively if you choose the right content to meet your marketing goals. It would be a good idea to use short videos to promote a movie or a music album. You can use any format to promote a clothing line. Each one will accomplish a specific task. Some will promote specific products while others will increase brand recognition.

Promotions for photos

Instagram’s first content format was photos. They are still the most popular type of content. Anyone who wants to increase their website traffic and attract more followers can use a quality photo and a link. They will be drawn to a photo that is well-chosen and a descriptive description.

Promo videos

Promo videos can last anywhere from 3 to 60 seconds. This is enough time to grab your target audience’s attention. You can tell potential customers all they need about your product or service in a one-minute video. To tell them about your brand, and to let them know why they can relate to it. Videos can also be used to promote an event, such as a seminar or a presentation. For increasing your credibility, you can buy Instagram Views Malaysia for your videos too.


Stories are a great way to share highlights from your brand’s life with the world. It may be short-lived, but they are a great way to share the highlights of your brand’s life with your audience. Stories can be a powerful tool to increase audience loyalty. They allow them to see behind the scenes and give them the feeling of being part of the current process.

Promotions for Influencers

After you have tried all of the official methods to promote the platform, you might consider engaging bloggers and influential. But there’s a problem. It’s much harder to predict the outcome of advertising with influencers than with targeted ads and Instagram promotions. Let’s suppose you have found the right influencer and discussed the details. Then, you pay for your brand promotion. You can now only wait to see if it was effective, but there is no guarantee. It is important to analyze their performance and profiles in order to reduce the risk. Instagram Promotions are not specifically designed for influencer marketing. It is possible to get them to share your brand’s stories and posts.