How IBuying is helping to sell real estate during COVID period

Are you having trouble selling a home during the lockdown? Here we will discuss how IBuying is helping to sell the property during the COVID. Click here to see luxury apartments for rent in Lahore.

What is real estate buying?

Direct Buying or IBuying is the latest trend in the real estate industry. We see online methods being used in every field. That is why the real estate sector also gives some space to the new ideas of selling and buying the real estate.

Moreover, through IBuying, people can easily buy the property online using only an electronic device, such as a mobile phone or a computer. Likewise, several real estate developers have launched websites to help the users select their dream home. For that reason, you should visit online real estate portals.

Furthermore, these portals come with the offers of various properties. Many online real estate portals work worldwide, Zillow and Opendoor are some examples. Similarly, for the first time in Pakistan, took a bold step to launch this facility.

How IBuying in Real Estate helps during COVID?

A severe pandemic that we called COVID 19 or Corona Virus is affecting the world on a large scale. In addition, this virus has minimized the activities of the public as it is transmitted from person to person. That is why during the lockdown period, IBuying helps people to buy or sell the property through online methods.

Previously, people had to go to the broker to the broker or the seller to the seller to visit the property. Likewise, after visiting the property, they select what suits them. Now there is no problem to see in how IBuying is helping in the real estate sector.

Furthermore, during the Coronavirus period, the shutdown will harm traditional businesses. That’s why people choose to move their business to online portals.

What is the difference between IBuying and traditional ways of buying real estate?

We say traditional ways of buying real estate to the means used to buy real estate manually. This means that you have to take the house to the seller yourself. In addition, a broker can help with this.

The broker is a person who works on commission and shows you various offers. He also explains the different rates of the homes. On the other hand, online portals are used for buying real estate while staying at home.

You can choose the property in lists, popular lists and super popular lists. Likewise, once you have selected the property, you must pay a visit and close the deal.

What are the benefits of IBuying in the real estate sector?

The main advantage of IBuying is that you save your precious time. In addition, you can see various options of real estate in the offers section. The benefits of how IBuying helps we call the number of brokers affiliated with the real estate portals. That is why we can say that real estate portals are the total solutions for your services.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning to Buy Land for Sale

Are you looking for land for sale? Here in this article we will tell you about some common mistakes to avoid when buying land.

What should you check before buying land?

By land we mean a surface that is not covered with water. We use this dry piece of earth for several purposes. On the one hand, we grow edibles such as fruits, vegetables, crops and herbs for daily use. On the other hand, we use it to build our residents to live in.

In addition, we see jungles and grasslands that stretch over millions of hectares. In short, we can say that we use land for agricultural, commercial or residential plans. Likewise, when planning to buy the land, you need to focus on a few essentials to avoid frustration in years to come.

For example, if you are planning to buy farmland, you need to know about the irrigation needs in that area. We also recommend that you hire a land inspector to have the quality of the soil tested. The professional will tell you about the quality of the land for sale and its future value. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy residential or commercial land, you need to verify zoning protocols.

What questions should you ask when buying land?

Buying land entertains your sand and it is also not an easy task if you do not work on it properly. It means that you have to be sure of the necessary things that come with it. In addition, we recommend that you ask important questions to the seller in this regard.

The point is that you need to clear your mind of any misunderstanding. Furthermore, people make some mistakes of not clarifying the questions in their head to avoid frustration.


In conclusion, we can say that IBuying is the trend of modern times. Likewise, this concept is changing and revolutionizing the real estate market. The speed of time seems double and everyone is busy. Therefore, this opportunity is much easier and more beneficial to invest in the real estate sector.