How many Instagram followers do you need to become an influencer?


You will all remember those times when you took photos of everything on your way and posted them on Instagram. We wanted to share every meal, everything we ate, and all the clothes and people we met. Our lives have been greatly affected and transformed by Instagram. It has given us work opportunities and increased revenue. It didn’t stop there. There were also people we admire, listen to, and whose habits would we like to adopt. These are the Instagram Influencers. These people claim that they have made their passions work and earned an income.

They are known for their sexy appearances at trendy events and have received a lot of recognition. Many people follow them on Instagram and quote them. They also dream of sharing a match latte. Most likely, you have already begun searching for the answer to how many Instagram followers you must have to be considered an influencer. And how many followers should you buy. This article will help you understand the topic and give you a jumpstart to becoming an Instagram celebrity.

Who are the Instagram influencers?

An Instagram Influencer is someone who is well-known on a social media network. He/she shares his content on Instagram and builds a community of loyal followers. He/she can influence the purchasing decisions of others. This is why Influencers are a common marketing tool for brands. The content creators (read Influencers), are those who focus on travel, fashion, sports and food. They choose their niche based on their skills and tastes. Sometimes, it is based on the expectations of the audience. Instagram has a place for Lifestyle Influencers. They discuss everything, without focusing on any one topic. Not to be overlooked are celebrities who are Influencers. Moreover, They are known for sharing personal details and are well-known on social media.

What is the minimum number of followers required on Instagram to be an Influencer?

There is a common myth that an influencer can be a person who has thousands of followers. We will debunk the myth if it is true. There is no minimum number of followers that you should have. There are many types of influencers. And these are categorized based on how many people they have included in their community.

  • Celebrities and Mega Influencers (1M+ followers)
  • Macro Influencers (500K – 1M followers)
  • Middle Influencers (500K-100K followers)
  • Micro-Influencers (100K followers – 5K followers)
  • Nano Influencers (5K Followers – 1 Thousand Followers)

They can communicate freely and boast engaged fan communities that are specialized in their niche. They can convince their followers to do the right thing.  If the brand collaborates with nano-influencers it is likely that most people will consider it authentic and real.

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As noted in the New York Times

Their lack of fame is one reason they are approachable. Their words are as authentic as advice from a friend em when they recommend a shampoo, lotion, or furniture brand via Instagram. Good news! Because, there is still a possibility to be an Instagram Influencer, even if you only have 1 000 followers. As It is important to have good reach, and engagement, and make sure your audience trusts and can motivate you to buy something. Because, brands may offer products for free or small commissions for publications, such insignificant remuneration can be a good start to earning hard cash. That’s why It is important to have followers who are passionate about your work.

Who are you interested in Instagram Influencers?

If you don’t have a social media account for a brand, store, or service, then it is likely that you do not exist. This is a hard truth! And you should still have an Instagram account, even if you know that most of the Instagram users are young and have little in common with your target audience.

Therefore, research has shown that people trust people far more than advertising in magazines or flashy advertisements. As Marketing specialists and their digital teams are the ones who seek out perfect influencers. Marketing managers have been moving away from direct collaboration with them in recent years. An advertising agency acts as an intermediary between the brand, influencer and brand. It handles all organizational matters and provides the content. So, Influencers can help you kill many birds with one stone, at least in a metaphorical sense.

Which niche should you choose to be a successful influencer?

You can consider many factors when choosing a niche: popularity, personal interest, the average cost of publication, etc. It is crucial to match your niche if you base your pitch on personal interests. So, Imagine you want to be a fitness influencer, but also do sports once per month, eat chocolate cookies every single day, and occasionally go to McDonald’s. You can’t ignore your interests and your ability to make people believe that you know everything.