How to Check if a Clothing Brands Name is Taken?

You’ve just come up with the name of your clothing brand, and you want to make sure it’s not taken by any other brands out there. Use this guide to see how to check if a clothing brand’s name is taken, so you can secure your top choice before someone else does!

Check Clothing Brands Name


Starting With Google

In order to ensure that you have not ripped off an already existing clothing line or other brands, start by doing a quick Google search of your proposed clothing brand’s name. You want to make sure that no one else has trademarked it and is using it for similar products. Next, go onto Brandcrawler to see if there are any clothing brands with a very similar name. If there are some, do another google search with those names on the left side and yours on the right side- this will help you find any trademarks they may be trying to protect.

Starting With Social Media

First, do a simple Google search to see if your business name has already been taken. If it hasn’t, you should register your trademark for protection. You may want to hire an attorney for this step as you will likely be faced with some legal questions as you move forward with naming your business. Next, get creative in how you plan on using social media for your company. How many followers are you aiming for? How often will you post updates?


What types of images and videos would you like to share? It’s important that the page look professional, so make sure it includes at least one or two profile pictures of yourself. You might also consider creating a Facebook group or Twitter account to interact with fans more closely and maintain customer loyalty.

Searching on Legal Document Websites

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a free tool that allows you to search their database of registered trademarks by keyword, company, class of goods or services, etc., and see what has already been registered. If you’re thinking about starting your own fashion line, it’s worth having someone run a quick trademark search before deciding on your final business name—you don’t want to get too attached to any particular name just in case someone else has already claimed it!

Consulting With an Expert

When you’re creating your own clothing line, take steps to ensure that your clothing brand isn’t infringing on another clothing company. Consult with an intellectual property attorney and do thorough research before you proceed. You can also visit sites like Walmart or Target (depending on your target audience) and search for the best clothing brands similar to yours. If these brands exist, it could mean that yours is too similar—which means you might have trouble getting your name trademarked by filing an application with the U.S.


If you’re an entrepreneur who’s just getting started, these tips and tricks can help you get your business off to a great start. It might seem like there are plenty of unanswered questions about how to make it as an entrepreneur, but rest assured that there are countless resources out there for aspiring entrepreneurs—and that there’s no wrong way to make it in business. If you want something badly enough, go after it!