How To Fix a Dryer That Won’t Start

A dryer is just a huge drum that is filled with damp laundry. The drum is turned by a motor with rollers coupled with several chains. The air warmed by a gas heater or an electrical heat source is pushed through the drum to dry the clothes. The heating and velocity of the cylinder are controlled by a set of regulators that are monitored by a schedule on the dryer’s control panel. 

Your initial instinct might be to contact a maintenance company if the dryer doesn’t begin. Specialists, on the other hand, are aimed at assisting consumers like you in troubleshooting and repairing their equipment. You’ll have a functioning dryer, pride in having done it yourself, and more bucks in your pocket at the end. A dryer normally has a door controller that starts the operating sections as a safety feature. The dryer will not work unless the door is correctly closed, irrespective of the parameters on the control center. On the settings menu of several dryers, there is a reset button. Allow the dryer to rest for about 10 minutes if the machine doesn’t start. After that, press the reset button, which should restart the dryer if there are no issues with the motor, controls, or electrical grid.

Types Of Issues With The Dryers

The following are some reasons why your dryer can’t even turn on:

Thermostatic Fuse

The most typical dryer issue is a blown heat or thermal fuse, usually caused by a blocked dryer exhaust. It’s a safety feature that prevents the dryer from becoming too hot. You can find the thermal fuse on the blower assembly or the heating element of the dryer: the heating component on an electric dryer or the flame on a gas dryer. It should exhibit consistency or a complete circuit, which means it can carry an electrical charge. Air duct cleaning in Lawrenceville on time can save you from these frequent problems.


Your washer will not function if it has a connection problem. A voltmeter test is the most convenient technique to check for continuity. If there is no continuation, repair the heating fuse and wipe the dryer vents before resuming use.

The On/Off Switch

It’s rather straightforward to determine whether or not a start button is operational. Attempt to turn on your dryer with the starting switch. The starting switch is fine if you notice a hum, but it doesn’t run. If nothing occurs when you try to start your dryer, use a multimeter tester to verify the connectivity, as indicated above. If there is no continuity, then it’s time to get a new start switch. 

Door Switch

The door switching is the snapping sound you notice when you close your dryer’s door. The clicking sound indicates that it is turning on. If the door button clicks when you push it, it’s likely in good working order. If there is no sound, you need to replace the door switch. It would help if you also got an air duct sanitizing Lawrenceville to save yourself from mold or bacteria.

Driving Motor

The driving generator is responsible for turning the dryer’s cycle and spinning the compressor. The drive motor should be examined if you’ve examined explanations 1-3 above, and all of these components are functioning, but the dryer is still buzzing but not operating. Disconnect the motor’s belt and look for obstructions in the blower wheel. If there are no obstructions, the motor is likely faulty and needs to be replaced.


Driving Belt

You should check the drive belt if the dryer engine powers on, but the drum does not. On the other hand, many dryers include a switch that switches off if the chain breaks. You’ll need to change the drive belt in either case.

Issues With Electricity

If you have an electrical dryer that isn’t operating, the problem could be with the electrical infrastructure. Disconnect the dryer and connect something else to the outlet to see whether this is the case. If the gadget doesn’t switch on, the problem could be with a circuit breaker or a fuse. Test the plug with a voltmeter tester to see if the circuit breaker or circuit is working.

Belt Button

A belt switch is not available on all dryer types. To see if it works:

  1. Verify the owner’s guidebook or do research using your make and model.
  2. Restart your dryer and notice a buzzing sound if it has a switch belt. If you detect a hum, the belt switch is working properly.
  3. If there is no hum, check the switch for connection using a multimeter.

There’s no continuity when it’s on; you install a new dryer belt switch.


Main Control Panel

The central control panel is rarely responsible if your washing machine isn’t working. However, if all the above components are in good working order, you’ll likely need to change the main control panel.

The central controlling system often provides signs of burns or a damaged element if it’s malfunctioning, though there’s no straightforward test to check if it’s working.


The timer on the dryer is effectively your final resort because it rarely fails. If none of the following components are broken, you may need to replace the timer. You can’t simply check a timer to determine if it’s working; therefore, your best option is to change it like the central control board.

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