How to Improve Your English Writing Skills to Impress Your Reader

English is an international language. The importance of English is enormous. And why it won’t be! Today English is the language of the Internet, the language of the media, and also one of the essential languages for the business world. Today with a good command of English you can study all over the world. It even helps you to get a job as well. Around 350 million people all around the world use English as their first language and 430 million people all around the world use it as a second language.

So it is essential for everyone to have a good knowledge of English. Writing, speaking, and listening are the three parts of English. One can be good in all three but then again one can be good in just one. However one must be very skilled in all three in order to be called good in English. There are some unique ways for all three to be skilled in those fields. Today we are going to discuss how one can impress his reader with his English writing skills, how one can entice his readers, what ways one should go through and what to avoid in order to make one’s writing looks standard, etc.

Writing is an essential part of English. From being a student to an employee, English writing is needed in every step. From getting good grades to becoming a good content writer or maybe an author, English writing plays a vital role here. So it is very important to know the hacks of writing and how to make your writing attractive. So one can take notes from the below-given tips to be skilled at writing to impress his readers.

You should have a clear concept:

One should have a clear concept of what he is writing. For example, you are a writer or maybe a content writer and you are about to write regarding a topic like “traffic jam in our city”. Now you should google “traffic jam in our city” and go through various articles and get an idea of that. To sum up, you need to know the key points of that topic in order to be able to write. Otherwise, you are going to struggle writing the article. And also your readers are going to find your article boring and difficult to understand. So, it is very essential for the writers to have a clear concept of what they are writing otherwise they won’t be able to impress their readers.


Grow your vocabulary:

Gathering modern words a day in and a day out could be a great way to broaden your lexicon. Make a target for yourself to learn new words on a daily basis. It can be three new words or twenty new words. Try to learn a single word daily, in one year you will learn about 365 words. So, this is worth trying. The words that you are learning on a daily basis try to use those words on a daily basis like when you are having a conversation with your friend or when writing a status on social media. In this process, you will be able to memorize those words.

Some good resources for new words are music and TV series depending on your preferences. Whenever you are listening song and hear any new words that you don’t know of, make a note of those new words and use practice those words. You can also learn new words from movies or listening to radio stations. You can use those words in your writing to make your content look more appealing. Here are some sites for newbies to learn a word on a daily basis:

● WordThink

Write regularly:

Writing every day is good practice for newbies who aspire to be good writers. You can write on different topics, but try to write for at least one hour. This will improve your writing skills as well as this will boost your confidence. By writing every day you can get experience and also you can build your own writer portfolio. This will shape you to be a good writer. The more you are going to put your hours into writing the better skillful writer you are going to be.


Read regularly:

Reading on a daily basis is very essential for becoming a good writer. People often say that reading is the best way to learn writing best. Reading is useful for becoming a skillful writer. You can read different books of different genres, this will help you broaden your horizon in writing such as if you pick up any book by JK Rowling and you will know her writing simply by the tone of the story and the words she uses. So, by reading those you can learn how other writers create their styles. Then you can do the same thing with your own writing too. So, read as much as you can to get an idea of different styles of writing and you can also learn how to use words appropriately.

Look for a good editor:

Whether you are trying to make content or want to start guest blogging on your favorite sites, a good editor is needed to improve your writing skills. Everyone needs a good editor. In my encounter, the best editor is those who show you why something doesn’t work, instead of telling you that it doesn’t. Allowing somebody else to examine your work can be very difficult for some writers, especially when they are newbies. As a writer, you should have the quality to learn to accept constructive criticism. This will you make a good writer as your editor will continuously edit your work or at least assist you to make your work better.
Things you should strictly avoid in order to impress your readers

➢ Using contractions
➢ Using filler words
➢ Using unnecessary words in your sentence
➢ Using there is/there are
➢ Making sentences complex with unknown vocabulary

Learning English is a journey that gets more interesting with each passing step. Consistency is the key here. If you keep practicing writing with the above-mentioned tips keeping in mind then you will surely be able to impress your readers.