How to Navigate Youtube Like a Pro – Video?

Whether you occasionally explore YouTube or spend several hours every day watching videos, it can be useful to know how to navigate videos. The faster you can switch between videos, Real YouTube Likes the more you can do other things.

Google’s video platform “YouTube” includes many functions beyond hitting play and watching. Depending on your device, many approaches can be used.

Let YouTube guide you

This is a no-brainer decision. Not remembering the whole title of a video, but recalling a few keywords? Input any known keyword into the YouTube search window, and YouTube will provide ideas relating to it.

Remember that YouTube keeps a complete record of your past internet activities. This means that it is aware of the types of videos you typically enjoy watching.


This, in conjunction with the most-searched-for videos for those terms, will provide you with a fairly accurate list of recommendations. There is a good chance that you will locate your desired content through these YouTube recommendations.

YouTube generates a transcript for every video uploaded to the platform. This means that you can search for a music video by entering the song’s lyrics instead of its title. The same holds true for other videos. However, the accuracy of the search results may vary.

Employ YouTube Filters.

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Filters are an effective means of refining search results. As soon as you search, a Filter option will appear at the top of the result column, allowing you to apply advanced filters.


The criteria are based on the Upload Date, Type, Length, and Features of the video you’re searching for. The ‘Features’ option will allow you to search for just HD, Only 4K, with subtitles, and other similar options.

NOTE: These filters can also be activated using commas in the search results. For example, type “Messi, Month, HD, Short” into the search field to find videos on Lionel Messi that were uploaded in HD during the last month and are short in length.

Listen to the finest songs

You surely know that you can navigate through a video by clicking and dragging (or tapping and dragging if you’re on a mobile device) on the timeline beneath it.

However, YouTube has introduced a “most replayed” graph right above, allowing you to identify the portions of a video that viewers return to repeatedly. If you’re searching for a specific topic, this saves time. This feature is currently being rolled out, so you may not be able to access it yet.


Browse using transcripts

Many YouTube videos have transcripts, either provided by the producer or derived from the audio. On PC, click the three dots just below the video and View the Transcript. On mobile, hit the video description, then View Transcript. You can click/tap a timestamp in the transcript to jump to that moment.

Accelerate playback Speed

Click the gear icon underneath a video (on a desktop) or on the video control overlay (in a mobile app) to access the Reading speed option. As long as you can keep up with what’s occurring and what’s being said, you may configure this to watch your favourite YouTubers up to twice as fast.

Accelerate forward (or jump backwards)

Double-tapping the right side of a YouTube video on a mobile device will skip forward 10 seconds, while double-tapping the left side will skip back 10 seconds.

You can also alter the skip duration, if necessary, up to 60 seconds: Tap your profile image (top right) on the YouTube app’s home screen, then choose Settings, General, and Privacy. Tap twice to search.


Loop a video

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Whether it’s a playlist you want to listen to again or a tutorial for a task you’re attempting to perfect, it can be beneficial to play videos in a loop rather than letting them stop normally. To accomplish this in a web browser, right-click a playing video and select Loop from the resulting menu.

If you’re using a mobile device with the YouTube app, select the video loop by tapping the gear symbol in the upper-right corner of the playback window.

skip chapters

Numerous longer YouTube videos contain chapter markers that divide the film into several portions. The YouTube app for mobile devices makes it easy to navigate and rewind using chapter markers. Double-tap a streaming video to go backwards and forward.


Click to see related

With a short tap on the screen, while a video is playing, YouTube will display related videos just beneath the playback controls. Swipe up to see them all. Tap anywhere on the display to remove the recommendations.

Record certain moments in videos.

You can visit a YouTube URL that includes a timestamp in your browser from the office if you’re only interested in a portion of a video. This prevents you from having to repeatedly return to a certain area of the clip.

Locate the pertinent portion of your video, then right-click it and select Copy the video’s URL to the current time; you may then paste it into a document, an email, a bookmark, or anything you wish.