How to prepare for AAT exams ?


Preparing for the exam is a demanding and hard task as you have to go through various exam materials, past papers, and practice assessments. AAT exams are also very tough to prepare for as you have to manage several things before appearing in the exam and exam preparation. Here are some tips for you to prepare for the AAT assessment. 

Preparations for appearing in exams

Below presented are some essential things you should do before preparing your exam materials.

Register with AAT

It is preferred that you enrolled yourself with AAT at least four weeks before exams to avoid any delay and enrolment issue at a paper time. All students must register with AAT to appear in the AAT assessment. 

Explore nearest exam centre

You must know where your examination centre is and measure your route to the centre before the exam day. It will allow you to know when to leave for home for the exam. Also, call the examination centre to confirm your enrolment and see the places to park and canteen in the centre to avoid time wasted on exam day. 

Buy suitable calculator 

Examination centres may not allow calculators on phones or may prohibit bringing in calculators. Read the instructions on your examination centre pages to see the type of calculator you need. 

Excel version your examination centre uses

Different examination centres use different versions of Excel, so know beforehand the version of Excel they use. Always choose the centre using the Excel version you have practised to help you save time exploring the options and figuring out the stuff. 


Sage version used by the examination centre

You must also know the version of Sage software the examination centre use. Different versions of sage are available, and you might not have command in all. So, call your examination centre to inquire about their sage performance and prepare your exam on the same version to have better exam preparations. 

Tips for preparing for the AAT exam

Below listed are valuable tips to prepare for your AAT exam.

Know what to study.

For preparing for your exams, it is crucial to know what to study. First, focus on topics you already know and are easy. It will decrease your stress that you have not prepared anything yet. Then identify three to four issues that are difficult and prioritise them. Be selective of the topics and time spent on them and craft step by step. If you face difficulty in preparing any case, contact a tutor promptly to understand it. 

Practice time management using past papers

You must practice your paper using past papers and measure the time to require attempting a paper. Practice more and more to ensure that you finish the piece in time as you will have a clock in the examination hall. 

Practice your writing speed as well

Accounting students are more fond of numbers than words and consider writing as a challenging process. Therefore, you must practice writing the answer to the question in a given time. Moreover, you should know what you are writing is correct and makes sense. 

Refresh on keywords

Many AAT exam students often struggle with the keyword as they forget or misunderstand the command word. You can use the following refresher to improve your writing ability. 


Identify the several key points from the list and do not be over-descriptive.

Describe the features of the object or subject.

Explain by answering ‘why’ questions to explain how and why things worked that way.

Compare the differenes and simialrities between two concepts and objects. 

Read the complete question.

Sometimes when you start reading the question, you become so overwhelmed that you forget to read the rest and start answering. You will answer only a single part of the question and will get marks accordingly. 


Increase your spreadsheet skills

In the AAT exam of level 3, spreadsheet issues can occur if you are out of the practice of using spreadsheets or have not trained in using them. Therefore, the course excels daily, and if you are not using it, discuss it with your tutor to help in the process.

Keep the AAT exam standards in mind.

You must refresh the AAT standards from their official website and keep them in mind. Standards will help you to know which topics will appear to go well prepared in the exams. 

Utilise the resources present on the AAT website

Practical assessments on the AAT website are closely similar to real reviews, particularly the question structure. It will enable you to know which questions will appear, decrease your worry and anxiety, and make you more confident. AAT green light tests for each unit also inform your assessment. 

Assume your paper checker has no knowledge

Remember to explain every point in your exam and not leave it to the examiner to use his understanding skills. Do not try to use fancy and technical words, instead explain each and everything comprehensively and briefly. 

AAT exam is nothing new

Many AAT students fear synoptic assessment and regard it as something novel and scary. However, it is not different are much easier than GCSEs. As the evaluation is divided into various exams, you can prioritise some topics, revise them, and give exams. 

Stuffing does not work.

Do not procrastinate, and timely, start preparing for your AAT exam. It will help you to avoid stuffing units on yourself and help you remain tension free. 


You can reappear after failing the AAT exam

Remove this from your mind that your AAT exam is once in a lifetime opportunity as you can re-sit in the AAT assessment. If you are between 16-18 years, you can retake your foundation certificate and an advanced diploma in accounting. Moreover, you can attempt AAT twice in two years. 

Duration of studying AAT

Students require around 6 to 8 months to complete an AAT accounting qualification. Students undertaking bookkeeping courses take about 3 to five months to complete bookkeeping qualification in AAT.