How to Use Instagram Sensitive Content Control?

Innovation is the need of time. People on social media have always had different experiences and their ideas, choices, preferences, and demands are based on that. To get premium Instagram Views, too, people always want something new. 

Instagram has remained on the top of the most rapidly emerging platform to date. With its versatile variety of algorithms, it has shaped itself exactly according to the need of the community using it. 

Instagram connects you to the world, providing you with every genre of entertainment in the form of photos, videos, reels, and much more like that. In the same wake, it allows you to select what you want to see. It is totally your choice. 

It has been designed to visualize the content of your choice, and the data shown mostly is according to what you favour. However, nothing seems a token of excellence and perfection in this imperfect world. You have to face some of the things you don’t want to face. So is there too. 


Instagram allows the content of your choice but sometimes there pops up something you don’t want to watch, something incompatible with your taste. 

So Instagram has introduced an innovation in its algorithm and provided you with another amazing option, sensitive content control. So figure out how to use Instagram-sensitive content control if you are also looking for that like others.

How to use Instagram Sensitive content control

If you want to know the way you can use the Instagram-sensitive content control option, here is how it is. The process is almost valid for both Android and iOS. 

Step 1

Open Instagram, and let it load properly before you start using it. 


Step 2

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On the main interface, click on the bottom-right corner to quickly access your profile. 

Step 3

Once you reach your profile, go to the main settings. You can do it by pressing the three lines in the top-right corner of your profile interface. It depicts options. 

Step 4

You will be redirected to another page with more settings after clicking the settings option. Navigate to the accounts section. 


Step 5

It will lead to a page having an option-sensitive content control. Tap that to meet the cause. 

Step 6

It will show you further three options having a story of their own. They are:

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  • Allow: when you tap it, you will be able to see the content that might upset you. 
  • Limit (default): this works the same as allow option but the exploration of your search will always be filtered. 
  • Limit Even More: tapping it means you will see offensive content in the future but the frequency of viewing will be very low. That means you will see that but not so often.

These sensitive content control options are important to some users, but it has exceptions. It is just because they are under 18. Instagram knows your exact age because, at the time of the account creation, it asks you to enter your date of birth. So if you are unable to use this option that means you are just not eligible to use it. As simple as that. 


Using this option will let you see the content you have not been seeing earlier plus you can also enable the option by using the same method. 

So, it will help you control your feed according to your interest. Using this option will help you save yourself from age-restricted, aggressive, offensive, and drug-related content. 

Social media is open to everything, and Instagram being one of its platforms also provides every kind of material for people of every age group and gender. So it is necessary to filter it out for yourself or for whomsoever you want it to be filtered.