How to your WordPress site reset

How many did you prefer to simply go lower back to when you start working on your website?

Your WordPress site reset: Constantly including extraordinary plugins and factors to your internet site can lead to slowing it down and similar problems. Sometimes the only aspect you can do is to go back to the start when the whole thing was working. Fortunately, in modern times you can do that without too much trouble. The only component you want to reset your WordPress website is one plugin, the WP Reset.

What does WP Reset do?

With this plugin, you will be able to, besides altering any files, rapidly resets the site’s database to the default installation values. This is an effective plugin that gets rid of all customizations and content from your website. A great factor is that you can reset solely chosen elements such as theme settings. This plugin stands out from comparable ones because of the built-in snapshots. That characteristic permits 1-click repair functionality.

WP Reset is quick and secure to use on your website. You don’t want to fear by chance of losing precious content material and facts from your internet site as it has a variety of fail-safe mechanisms. Even if you accidentally click on the reset button it will ask you to verify your decision. It facilitates testing and debugging. It does that by allowing customers to shortly reset settings and re-test code through the dashboard. To be greater sure you can create an image in case something went wrong.


Keep in mind that if you use this plugin, you can erase any posts, pages, custom publish kinds, comments, media entries, and users. All default WP database tables, as properly as custom database tables with the same prefix table, will be reset. It will not, however, destroy media files.

They’ll nonetheless be in the wp-uploads folder, however, they won’t be listed beneath Media in the admin. You don’t have to fear if you have a lot of extensions, templates, or uploads due to the fact they won’t be misplaced when you use WP Reset. That applies to the internet site title, WordPress URL, website online language, and search engine visibility settings, amongst different things.

While you are attempting to reset the whole thing and work on your website you can additionally use the WP 301 Redirects plugin. It will help you to redirect everyone who visits your website to the pages that are working. That skill that if they come to the broken page, they will be redirected to the home page or a different post. In case you desire to let your site visitors know that you are presently working on your website and when you will publish your multiplied internet site you can use the WP Maintenance plugin.

WP Reset is one of those plugins that you may assume you will in no way need. The fact is that there will likely come a time when you will choose to go back to the way your website was at the beginning, so you can work on it except for different distractions. This plugin is effortless to use and will help you get the dreadful job achieved in no time.


Even if you’re using vanilla JavaScript or jQuery within a theme or plugin the REST API provides a more predictable and structured way to interact with your site’s content than admin-ajax, enabling you to spend less time accessing the data you need and more time creating better user experiences.

If you want a structured, extensible, and simple way to get data in and out of WordPress, you probably want to use the REST API.

For all of its simplicity, the REST API can feel quite complex at first, so in this handbook, we will attempt to break it down into smaller components to explain each part of the full puzzle.