Kareo EMR and Kareo EHR – Top features, Pricing, and Reviews


Kareo EHR software, a cloud-based program, is designed for independent medical clinics. The EHR system features include a patient portal, scheduling and information visualization, as well as a calendar, configurable dashboard, progress reporting, productivity tracking, and productivity tracking. These features enable medical professionals to be more focused on their patients and streamline their day-today activities.

You can also use the software to perform back-office functions such as patient registration, billing management, health record administration, prescription management and billing management. Kareo EMR Software hopes that its features will improve patient care and increase revenue. Kareo software reviews claim that the EMR improves communication between providers and patients. It also allows users to manage financial, medical, or administrative data.

Kareo EMR and Kareo EHR - Top features, Pricing, and Reviews

Kareo is a well-known provider of clinical and business management solutions. It allows physicians to quickly access insurance companies. The platform recently added new features like faster charge collection, easier patient statements, balance due warnings and more. We’ve put together a list of the top things you should look at when choosing Kareo EMR to help you stay focused.


Kareo EMR gives doctors fully customizable dashboard features that allow them to track, present and analyze patient data. It allows users to access important tasks, manage patient appointments and navigate through different systems.

Physicians can quickly access the dashboard’s user-friendly interface to view their calendar and check task lists. The dashboard also displays the current day’s patient appointments. Kareo reviews claim that the software is able to manage all aspects of the appointment workflow, including patient payments and insurance eligibility checks.


Patient Portal

Doctors can find it tiring to schedule appointments, send reminders and complete paperwork after paperwork. You can rest easy with Kareo EMR’s patient portal.

Patients can book appointments via the Kareo EMR patient portal. Kareo reviews claim that the software automatically sends reminders to patients to remind them of appointments, which reduces no-shows at your clinic. The software allows you to securely communicate with patients via video and messaging platforms.

Electronic Prescription

Kareo’s electronic prescribing feature automates the prescription process and saves doctors time. Patients can first obtain a prescription to treat a common medical issue using the automated prescription system on their phones. When they request a refill the system automatically sends information to pharmacies.

This function allows doctors to check for drug-to drug interactions or drug-to allergy.

Kareo EHR reviews show that you can reduce errors by viewing all patient data, including medication history, in one screen with the e–prescribing functionality. It allows healthcare workers to deliver high-quality, efficient care quickly and efficiently. Clinicians can also view patient histories and keep track of patients’ needs. Kareo reviews state that the e–prescribing software also reminds users to fill in the frequency, strength, route and dose fields.


Kareo EHR software provides a calendar that can be used to manage critical communications. It also allows you to create calendars for staff scheduling, patient appointments, and staff meetings. You can personalize your calendars, and it streamlines important communications for the patient.


You can quickly and easily print your schedules using any Kareo calendar view. Kareo EHR reviews state that the software lets you choose between a weekly, monthly, and daily calendar view. You can also enter a date range and filter by provider or service location before printing your calendars or saving them to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel.

Digital Superbills

The Kareo electronic Superbill tool allows you to capture a complete list of charges for each patient visit in the patient note. It takes just a few clicks to create and submit accurate Superbills. You can choose from a range of forms, diagnose codes and a list with procedures you can sort into predefined categories.

Clinicians have the option to choose from Kareo’s Superbill and encounter forms a custom design for their Superbill. They can also save Superbill documents and link them with other providers in the practice. They can also print Superbills to be used for individual appointments or daily or weekly batches depending on the provider or location.


Kareo software offers flowsheets that enable customers to view and modify individual labs and vital trends from one screen. These flowsheets give physicians a complete view of critical patient data over time. This allows them to monitor progress and make informed decisions.

With Kareo flowsheets, you can quickly examine the health trends of a patient by simply looking at their data. You no longer need to spend time searching for vital patient information.

Kareo EMR Pricing

Because of its low price, Kareo EMR can be a great alternative for small practices. The software can be purchased on a monthly basis with no set-up fees or contracts. You also don’t have to worry about software maintenance and updates. Although the software does not disclose pricing information, you can request a quote from the provider.


Kareo’s subscription is more affordable than other software and covers deployment and training costs.

Kareo EHR Demo

Before you buy, it is important to arrange a Kareo EHR Demo. Demos can be a great way to learn more about EMR Software.

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You can test the software using the Kareo EHR Demo. It can also help you determine if the EMR Software that you’re about to use in your medical practice is suitable for your operation and optimize your workflow.

Kareo EHR Reviews

Kareo software reviews give a comprehensive picture of the product, and let you see how real users view it. You can find Kareo EHR reviews on many online sites. These are the benefits and drawbacks to Kareo EMR.


  • Kareo’s interface is easy to use, even for non-technical people.
  • This dashboard is amazing. It has many functionalities.
  • Excellent customer service. They respond immediately to any questions.


  • It can be difficult to navigate through the software in order to find the information that you need.
  • Data transfer costs are high and may not be affordable for many people and small businesses.

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