Keep Your Burgers Fresh with Our Custom Burger Boxes

A home-cooked hamburger is a foodie’s dream come true. hot and fresh, especially when served or distributed A fast food restaurant’s burgers are more likely to be requested by foodies if they are served without any sauce spills or salad wiggles. Custom burger boxes will help to preserve the quality of your food, reduce the risk of contamination during transport, and promote your brand from delivery to dining. If you want to give out your burgers, you can do so in our custom burger boxes.

Our Methods of Order Processing

The first step is to place an order.

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The second phase is to design the final product.


Innovative packaging design is encouraged.

Then we Approve your work

approval of the final artwork and revision

The fourth phase is the development of something new.


After the final approval, the production process begins.

 5th step is delivering the goods

Within 15 working days, your order will be delivered.

Our Custom Burger Boxes Will Keep Your Burgers Fresh, Warm, And Tasty.

Our packaging is custom-made to meet your specific requirements and ensures that your burgers are kept fresh, toasty, and tasty while you’re on the go. Create custom burger boxes for distribution to foodies without having to be concerned about salads or sauces leaking with our assistance. With the help of our material analyzers, you can create custom corrugated cardboard burger boxes that will keep your burgers warm and fresh for a longer amount of time.


Burger Boxes In Custom Clamshell With Interlocking Tab

Our team can help you build clamshell packaging with interlocking tabs to protect your burgers from falling out during delivery or takeout if you’re concerned about customers dropping their burgers on the ground. If you want your business to be associated with burgers, we can help you design custom burger boxes that feature your logo. Your consumers will desire your delicious burgers as soon as they leave your takeout shop thanks to innovative design designs from varied graphic engineers. You may provide your customers a basic idea of the flavor, ingredients, and cooking procedure of burgers by delivering them in custom-printed burger boxes and using our help to print various textual information on the boxes.

From Our Experts To Assist You

We can help you build custom burger boxes with handles so that your customers can simply take their meals home from your takeout business. Have trouble settling on the best option? To ensure that your burger boxes meet all of your requirements, we are here to support you at every step and give you expert advice and assistance. As a result, you’ll have custom burger boxes that will keep your burgers warm and safe while they’re being taken away, as well as make it easier for consumers to manage. Our packaging specialists are available around the clock to help and can design a custom burger box for your exact needs.

Our Products Are Categorized into Three Major Groups:


This is what we’ve picked after a lot of research and thought. We don’t have a minimum order requirement, and we always keep a supply on hand. The more orders you put in at once, the better.


A little generic

We provide logo printing and branding on our generic products for clients who want to designate their stuff at a lower cost.

Totally Personalized:

These products will be made just for you by us! You can rely on our specialists to help you choose the right ingredients, packaging, and size for your product. Then we’ll send you a sample of our work. We’ll get started on your purchase as soon as possible.


Printing Your Logo on The Custom Burger Box Is an Effective Way to Promote Your Fast-Food Chain

We’ve got everything you need to make the perfect burger for all of you. Restaurants and takeout may use our promotional burger boxes to great advantage to market their businesses. The middle tray of the box holds burgers, fries, and dips. It is possible to include your company’s logo or artwork on the outside of the cardboard. Halcon Packaging provides restaurant owners a great opportunity to showcase their hamburgers in our personalized burger boxes. You’ll be the talk of the town with your burger-in-a-box.

Your Takeaway Sales May Increase If You Offer Branded Packaging.

The logo, artwork, and brand recognition of your firm should be promoted.

A bespoke, one-of-a-kind design that distinguishes your restaurant from the others.


Use eye-catching packaging to draw the attention of potential customers as they go down the sales funnel.

Consequently, we have created a perfect burger box that is both functional and visually appealing. To make your box, we’ll utilize the design you provide. As a result, the customer gets a unique takeaway experience.