Do you also apply perfume? Keep these things in mind before applying perfume


If you have taken perfume, then you should also know how to apply it properly.

Who doesn’t like applying perfume? Everyone likes to apply perfume, but not everyone knows how to apply perfume. Before going to a wedding or party wearing perfume, you should know which perfume will be perfect for you. A good perfume keeps your mood happy. This is the reason that we all work very hard while choosing a good perfume, but while applying we forget to apply it properly. So in today’s post, we are going to tell you some such things which you have to keep in mind.

keep in mind while buying

  • Before buying any perfume, recharge it thoroughly.
  • Try sample perfumes.
  • Buy by type.

Do not rub, spray:

Many times, after spraying perfume on our skin, we rub the skin there. We think this will absorb the fragrance into the skin. You only have to spray the perfume, not rub it. If you fight, the original fragrance will get spoiled and you will not get the fragrance with which you bought it.

If it is strong, then spray in the air:

Sometimes we feel that our perfume is too strong. Some people have problems like headaches and runny noses due to strong perfume. If your perfume has become too strong, then spray it in the air. Make a ball of perfume while spraying and then pass through it. By doing this, the fragrance will come and be absorbed equally in every part of the body and the perfume will not remain strong.

Do not spray on clothes:

Spraying perfume on clothes is a common mistake that most people make. But why is it made to be sprayed on the skin If you want your expensive perfume to give you the right effect, then spray it directly on the skin?

Don’t buy someone else’s sight

Everyone’s body structure is different. Some sweat more and some sweat less. In such a situation, while choosing a perfume, take special care that your perfume complements the natural fragrance of your body. For example, if you sweat a lot, then you will need perfume with strong notes.


It’s okay to have important things while applying perfume. If you keep all these things in mind while applying perfume, then your perfume will keep smelling like the original fragrance for a long time.