6 Best Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool During Summer

6 Best Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool During Summer
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Summer is the hottest season of the year. In which the heat is highest during the day. Because there is a lot of strong sunlight during the day, the temperature of the season increases. Dry and hot air blows throughout the day. As soon as the summer season comes and together it becomes a cause of trouble for all of us. So it is very difficult to keep your apartment cool during summer.

The scorching heat of the sun, the heat, and the accompanying sweating, the fatigue of the day as if life turned into turmoil. Which is very harmful to the health of the people. It is very difficult to bear all this in the heat. If you live in summer in India, it means living in extreme heat.

There are many such houses, apartments, and flats in the country or especially for young people which are not in good condition. It is not possible to use or buy AC in them on rent. In such a situation, how difficult it is for those people to spend the summer. In such a situation, important steps have to be taken so that your house does not become a furnace of incense.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to thaw in the heat of summer. So we are going to tell you that this year Indians can keep your apartment cool during summer. Here are some ways to tell-

6 Best Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool During the Summer Without Any Air Conditioning

How To Keep Your Apartment Cool During Summers:

1.  Pull the curtains : 

To protect your home from the sun and heat, first of all, find the parts of the house from where the sun is coming inside the house. Now use curtains to close you in those parts. This advice works wonders.


Also, curtains can be used in hot parts of the house as well. Due to this, the strong smoke that was coming into your house will not come now. This will help reduce the temperature of your home. With which you will be able to keep your apartment cool during the summer. Read This… Fashion for Women: Latest Fashion Style Guide and Tips

How To Keep Your Apartment Cool During the Summers

2.  Change Sheets :

As soon as summer comes, first of all, use those clothes or sheets in your apartment which give relief from the heat. In such a situation, you should change the sheets of your bedroom. Whatever you change, it should be of cotton. Dresses like flannel, satin, and flannel may look more luxurious to you, but they may not be comfortable for you in the summer.

Cotton stays cool in summer. Cotton absorbs sweat easily. Cotton sheets have a better chance of keeping them cool and comfortable. Is also the Best Way to Keep Your Apartment Cool During Summer.

Change bedsheets

3.  Stay Low :

In summer, there is a lot of sunlight, due to which apartments of high floors and buildings heat up quickly due to excessive heat. The same is true for your home. if possible try to get a low bed, keep the seating near the ground, and you will be rewarded with cooler air. So one of the Best Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool During Summer is Without Any Air Conditioning. Read This… Best 6 Tips How to stay focused while Working From Home?



4. Block out black :

You must know that black color absorbs heat. You must have seen houses or apartments where dark paint is done. The heat is less in the houses in which light paints are used as compared to them. This is because dark colors absorb heat. Which essentially retains more heat and accelerates in high heat.

Always use colors that do not absorb heat. Turns out sunlight. In which you can choose colors like white, yellow and off white which remove sunlight. If you use light colors, then light-colored walls and clothes are better for summer. So that you can keep your apartment cool during summer.


5.  Switch The Light :

Do you know that CFLs get less hot than normal bulbs? Normal bulbs heat up more quickly, making your apartment home. If investing in CFLs can help you in reducing the overall temperature of your flat and are also available at a lower cost.

CFLs consume less power and give more lighting as compared to normal bulbs. Whereas normal bulbs consume more power and due to which they get hotter. Such bulbs increase the temperature of the apartment.


You can use these simple bulbs in cold weather as excessive heating can help in heating your apartment in the cold. But if possible, use CFL only in summer. It will be better for you if you adopt CFL then surely you can be successful in cooling your apartment in summer.


6.  Invest in Plants :

You can adopt Indore plants to keep your apartment cool during summer. Indoor plants help keep your home cool and fresh. You put plants on the windows and doors. It helps to hydrate the air. Can retain moisture in the apartment and it will also add to the beauty of your apartment.

While indoor plants are a great way to increase your oxygen supply and lower the temperature inside your home. There are many such plants which are planted in the sun but also inside the house.

By planting plants indoors and at the door, they have to be watered from time to time, which keeps the cold and humidity in the apartment. If possible, you can also plant the plant in your bedroom, it will also make your bedroom beautiful and at the same time, it will be effective in reducing the temperature of the bedroom.



If you follow such small steps. There are some small things that you can do to keep your apartment and flats cool in the scorching heat! So in today’s post, we have told you how you can keep your apartment cool during summer.


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