Learning A New Language For Communication in 2022


Learning A New Language: We all love to travel and what if your destination is a new foreign country- we will undoubtedly be happier and more delighted. Exploring a new place, new culture, and living the same for some time is an experience in itself. The only barrier while traveling to a completely new location is communication. In India, majorly spoken languages are Hindi and English, while there are many regional languages that are specific to that particular region only.

To master the art of communication, it is important to at least learn one foreign language. English is considered to be a global language which means the major portion of the global population understands the language. You can easily approach a trustworthy academy to learn tips and tricks on how to Improve Spoken English that will help in communicating with foreign people. British Express conducts online at-home language training classes that will help students and beginners in understanding How to Improve Their English Speaking Skills.

Learning A New Language For Communication
Learning A New Language For Communication

Learning A New Language For Communication

The available courses at the academy are not only limited to English, but trainers are available in multiple foreign languages like Chinese, French, Spanish, Germany, etc. All these are conducted for students who are from a different academic background and to learn a new language there is no specific requirement for academic qualification.

There are classes for overall personality development and preparing students for international entrance tests like IELTS and TOEFL. British Express is one of the renowned and well-known language training centers in Delhi that provides value-added effective classes for one and all. Age and gender are not a barrier to learning new concepts at the academy hence anyone with a mere interest in learning can enroll in the available courses.

You can easily learn spoken English by sitting at home. Refer to online tutorials and regularly watch English movies and series to enhance your skills in the language. In the first instance, it might be difficult to initiate conversation or to pick up what the other person is saying, but don’t lose hope and try again and again until you get the knack for it. We all make mistakes while learning but that should not stop us from continuing the process.

Rather than learning tips on How to Improve Spoken English, the focus must be on learning the basic concepts of the language from scratch. Written English is as important as oral English but in most cases, spoken English is majorly used. While speaking, fluency and tone of the language are very important, while grammar is minimally important in a conversation (until it is an official conversation). Try to speak clearly and slowly so that the opposite person could understand the meaning of your words.


Merely combining random words won’t be called communication until the exact meaning and idea is conveyed to the next person. English, like any other language, has various aspects and components it which must be mastered and well understood to master the language. As a language, English is the easiest and most effective language to learn as it can be used in personal life, academic life as well as professional life.


Communicative English Learning Skills

The English language has its important not only in academic life but also in professional life. Often people find it difficult to speak fluently in English amidst a crowd or in a group, but these people only can speak confidently when alone. There are many online websites that teach one tip and trick on How to Speak Good English. British Express has a few certificates in short time courses that also help students in how to speak English learning with assistance from experienced trainers.

There might be many people around you who are working with an MNC or who wish to go abroad for higher education. For all of them, knowing the grammatical and pronunciation part of a foreign language is of prime importance. You can learn so in different ways. Joining a language class will not help you enough if you don’t have the enthusiasm to learn how to speak good English:

  • Try to listen to English music, movies or radio shows on a daily basis. At first, you may not grasp certain terms but soon you will be familiar with the ascent and words
  • Speak up in English. You can do so by practicing dialogues or conversations with friends or by reading aloud from a book
  • Write down all new words and their meanings and if possible, try to make sentences out of it
  • You can travel abroad, if possible, to get acquainted with the slang and pronunciation

The trainers at British Express with teach you how to speak English learning the most convenient and easiest manner. There will be online classes for those who could not be available physically for the classes. A student is analyzed frequently by means of online assessments. These classes will help you improve by identifying your weaknesses and strength.

English is a universal language and it is spoken as a local language in various parts of the world. Even in India, states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura have acknowledged English as an official language. Any language has two components, written and oral components. While communicating, oral communication must be a focus point. This includes proper usage of words, tone, clarity of speech, slang, accent, tone, etc. Communication is possible only if the words are conveyed in the right manner to the listener. So, the prime focus on how to speak good Englishlies on the clarity of speech.


You can improve clarity in multiple ways. For example, try emphasizing or repeating important words. Even before starting the conversation, you can identify which phrase or word has utmost importance and ensure that do not Overspeed on that part of the speech. This is important not only for day-to-day conversations but also while giving a professional speech or presentation. Have a proper grip on your grammar and ascent while giving a speech. The training will provide you ample support not only for easy English conversation but also to make you more presentable and confident.

The most important part of How to Speak English Learning- Don’t be hesitant to speak, mistakes are bound to happen but you can only learn by identifying and rectifying them.


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