Link building: Way to Increase Rankings


Every business online should be aware of the fundamentals of creating high-quality external links to aid in search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of their website while increasing sales and authority in the sector. However, many business owners are unsure of the term and the best way to implement it; therefore, they are constantly asking, “how can link building aid SEO?

It’s always good to have a solid SEO team like SEO company in Mumbai that can ensure your website reaches the top of page one in the results of search engines through other ways. It’s also important to be aware of link building and how it can offer to your company.

What Is Link Building?

External link building is an SEO method of obtaining other websites of importance and relevance to the sector that link to your website (backlinks). These links let any internet user access different websites and websites – including yours – in one click. When a search engine crawls these backlinks, this is one of the main ways they determine the importance of your website or web page.

Creating high-quality backlinks as a component of an SEO strategy can provide you with a leg up in advancing your website’s position on the search engine result webpages (SERPs). All companies and their marketing teams must be working towards establishing these backlinks to drive referral traffic. This will help you get your business and website seen, improve your site’s credibility, and boost the return on investment by generating sales.

However, while building links is easy to understand, managing them is different, and it’s more complicated than you thought to implement if you don’t know the basics of what you’re doing.

Here are ten critical advantages of implementing a solid Link building plan



  • Backlinks can bring your business an improvement in traffic to your website.

Link development can be one of the most effective ways to get attention from authoritative websites in the industry. By targeting the right audience and niches, you can increase your traffic from external sources, and website traffic is a reliable indicator of the health of your site.

  • Link building can lead to better website metrics and higher SEO scores.

If you’re an SEO expert, you’ll be able to comprehend terms such as Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), Page Rank (PR), Alexa Rank, and many more. Building backlinks will boost these indicators, and your site will be healthier. It will also increase the visibility of your website and increase exposure.

  • More revenue potential and more excellent sales

More traffic and more accurate metrics equal increased revenue opportunities. Your website will be ranked higher in the search results, bringing more customers to you. This will allow you to sell more goods and services and create new revenue sources.


  • An ongoing source of traffic

Once you’ve made a persistent link to a trusted website, you’ll receive regular traffic from the link for the next few years. Contrast this with traditional methods of marketing and advertising. When an advertisement has run its course, you will no longer receive traffic. When you create high-quality backlinks, your website gets traffic from outside sources over the long run.

  • Greater visibility and more exposure

Additionally, using link building to improve search engine rankings and boost search engine rankings also helps support legitimate lead generation. For instance, if you would like to connect with the people who live in a different area, link building can assist you in this process by increasing awareness of the location. This can have a significant positive effect on your company and can help establish your company as a reliable brand.

  • Lower bounce rates

Google defines “bounce rate” in the following way “The number of single-page sessions.” Think about internal links as well. The mix makes your backlinks appear more natural.

In addition, internal links help Google to browse your website, but they also enable visitors to navigate through your website’s content. Making it easier for users to locate the information they are looking for will keep them on your site longer and lower bounce rates.

  • Links can help you establish credibility

Links can give your website credibility since they function as a third-party indicator of your site’s credibility. Google strives to provide its visitors with results that are relevant to them. To achieve this, they consider the ‘authority.’ The more significant the quantity and high-quality links directed to your website, the greater your site’s credibility.

Google is based on the idea that quality publishers will be linking to your website to enhance the user experience. Make sure only to create links on authoritative websites five good links always outweigh 50 poor ones.

It is also essential to consider the number of domains you’re linking back to – it’s more beneficial to have the ten most relevant links on ten distinct authoritative parts rather than ten links from only one.

  1. Google utilizes hyperlinks to rank websites.
  2. Without linking, you’re not capturing most of Google’s ranking factors. Links are crucial to Google because Google cannot consider ranking your website without links to it, regardless of the quality of the content of your pages. To get higher rankings than your competitors, you must have more excellent backlinks than they have.
  3. Participate in activities that Google’s algorithms view positively, i.e., efforts to increase credibility and value. Make specific and unique content and then share it to build trust and authority. Create links that are trustworthy and that are diverse, and pertinent for better results.


We hope that this article has inspired you to start or improve the backlink strategy you are using. In closing, if you’re trying to have a real chance of success in link building, avoid the route of purchasing links. You don’t know whether the links you are buying will be effective. There’s an opportunity that they might harm you over the long term.

While it may consume much of your time, try to gain referrals from SEO Company in Bangalore. Accelerate your content marketing (and ensure it’s of high quality) and implement your link-building strategy across every other channel.