Best Mobile App Development Process – Step by Step Guide in 2022


The mobile app development sector is passing a vital time. It’s not like it was before. With the advancement of newer technology, things have changed in this area. Today’s era is full of micro and nano-technology. Since the inception of this new dawn, mobile apps have also become smaller than ever. Moreover, you can also run these apps on various platforms conveniently.

The mobile app development industry is growing worldwide. Retail, insurance, healthcare, governmental issues – mobile development apps’ uses have expanded rapidly over the last decade. Hence, organizations are also developing mobile apps to keep their marks on the market. This is how they can stay relevant and updated to their customers.

Our Codeware mobile app development team is working relentlessly to place your app on the most famous platforms like Apple Store or Google Play. Besides, we follow our client guidelines closely and do everything at a reasonable price. Here, we’ll talk about it –

Mobile App Development – Steps by Step Guide in 2022

Before we start talking about the mobile app development procedure, we should know what mobile application development is. Let’s check it –

What is Mobile App Development?

We’ve guessed you’ve already got an idea for app development. It is a particular procedure that assists in building mobile apps that run on a mobile, tablet, fablet, etc., type of handful device. Further, these apps are pre-installed in the gadget or can also be installed by users when they need them.

Furthermore, the mobile application development process needs specific software that can effectively be installed on the gadget while authorizing the backend services for data access through APIs. Since most mobile apps are manufactured for Android and iOS, you need specific programming and markup languages to run the apps on these platforms.


Further, the most used programs to build apps for these platforms are Java, Swift, C#, and HTML5.

Codeware Limited also uses such platforms to do android and iOS app development for you. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best app development companies in Bangladesh. You can put your trust in us without a doubt.

Types of Mobile Applications

Have you decided to develop an app? Before making a firm decision, it will be wise if you determine which type of app you want to create. Let’s check out a variety of mobile app development techs with information regarding each.

Native Apps

The ingredients used to build these apps are – Integrated Development Environments. Besides that, mobile operating systems like Android and iOS are also used to create these apps. On top of that, native apps are helpful in customizing essential features. However, they were a bit expensive.

In addition, native apps use technologies like Java, Kotlin, Python, C++, etc.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are web apps. You’ve to use rich technology such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, etc., to create these apps. Additionally, these apps are reasonable on the cost side while it is much more lightweight and faster than Native apps. The only cons of these apps are they don’t contain a wide variety of features like Native ones.


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Progressive Web Apps

The truth is these types of apps are websites. However, they’re so sophisticated and act like apps! They have many similarities with native apps. Further, they don’t require any development cost since they don’t require any customization to a platform or OS.

One thing we want to ensure you is that our mobile app development team is enough intelligent, capable, and dedicated to creating apps for the platform you wish to.

Mobile Application Development Process

People usually like to get the benefits of mobile apps. But, most of them don’t have any idea about the development procedure of mobile apps. Codeware Limited follows several steps to create a mobile app. Let’s check them –

Step 1 – Creating Tactics

The first thing you’ve to decide is what kind of business tactics you will follow. Moreover, you also have to think about how your unique idea can expand your business while bringing more profits. Then, you should share the idea with our team to make your idea into reality. If you can share it properly, it will be great teamwork.

Henceforth, our android development team will supply you with the app according to your requirements.


Step 2 – Analysis Everything and Make a Plan

Now, your idea will start to come into reality slowly and steadily. You’ve to determine the needs of your app and make a roadmap. After doing this, share the whole plan with us. This is how we can understand the entire planning sophisticatedly. On top of that, we’ve already discussed all types of apps.

You should select what type you want to select. Nevertheless, we want to tell you one thing. The thing is, native apps are the best all in all. The reason is they’re highly flexible, superb performers, and possess superior features like a camera, mic, GPS, etc.

You won’t get such benefits in any other forms of mobile apps. Additionally, they provide high-quality service and eye-catching user interfaces. If you want to build Android or iOS apps, you could tell us. Our team will do it. On the other side, if you want to develop an app that will have both Android and iOS, it is also possible.

So, make the decision by analyzing everything and share us the plan.

Step 3 – UX/UI Design

What’s the reason behind developing an app? It is to deliver seamless and sophisticated user experiences with an eye-popping look. Besides, the app’s success mainly depends on how users benefit from it. The mobile app UI and UX design is the mastermind behind creating superb user experiences. Additionally, it also makes the app user-friendly, fascinating, and impulsive.


During an app development procedure, wireframes are a practical method. App designers used to design app sketches on paper. As a result, it is often described as the “digital version of sketching“! It helps to create mobile design apps that are more cost-effective and user-friendly.


Further, designers get a good impression since it gives them a solid structure of the app’s functional requirements.

Style Guide

The style guide assists you in establishing the app’s design structure. It is vital to speed up the productivity of mobile app developers. Further, the app’s look and design are greatly enhanced by it. As a result, the app becomes more attractive to the audience. You should check out the app’s design guidelines given by iOS and Android apps.

We also consider such guidelines before starting our work and assure total commitment to the full-functioned and aesthetic looks of the apps.


Prototype simulates the overall user experience and how they will cope with the app. It shows how the end product is going to perform when it is available on the Android and iOS stores. However, prototype development requires so much time. But, it’s a reasonable effort as it demonstrates the whole thing and weak points.

Furthermore, our team will exhibit the prototype and take your opinion regarding any changes in the app.



Step 4 – Developing the Application

There are three main development processes while developing apps. They are – Native, Hybrid, and Progressive web applications. You have to decide in what process you want to develop your app. Then, our team will start working according to your intention.

Step 5 – Application Testing

Now, it’s time for quality assurance. It’s time to test the mobile app development procedure to make it more superior, authentic, and substantial. Hence, our Codeware Ltd team will do comprehensive QA testing to make the app more stable and secure. We will also provide the highest maintenance to fix bugs and keep the app from any trouble.

Step 6 – Upgrading the App

We’ll keep upgrading the app on a regular basis with the latest features and essential changes.

Final Words

It’s not a matter of underestimation that the success of the app largely depends on the overall execution of the mobile application development procedure. If it is done successfully, the chance of the app becoming a hit increases. So, you can’t ignore it. Besides, we can assure our development team can provide you with the best performance and implementation.

After the necessary testing and review, it’s ready to start the journey. In addition, we’ll create a channel that will lead to feedback from the users and provide constant support.

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