How Does Selling Innovative Resin Crafts Work?


With so many things being mass-produced, there’s something about handmade items, from crocheted toys to wall art, that makes them incredibly appealing. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple for people to sell crafts through physical or online marketplaces to make some extra cash. So if you’ve been making handcrafted goods for some time, all you’d have to do is select the best ones to offer for sale.

Epoxy resin is not only a building and finishing material. It makes beautiful jewelry, souvenirs, decor, and interior items. And furniture made of resin fascinates with its elegance. From the article, you will learn how to open a workshop to produce epoxy resin products with minimal financial costs.

Step by Step Epoxy Resin Products Manufacturing Business Plan

If you are trying your hand as an entrepreneur, make a step-by-step action guide – so the bankruptcy risks will be minimal.

Include the following items in your business plan:

  • Analysis of the sales market, search for a target buyer, study of demand, development of competitive advantages;
  • Definition of the business concept;
  • Registration and obtaining legal status;
  • Preparation of cost estimates and profit forecast;
  • Search for premises for the workshop;
  • Purchase of equipment and raw materials;
  • Hiring;
  • Establishing sales channels, promoting products;
  • Risk assessment, search for ways to minimize them;
  • Workshop opening.

Market overview and competition analysis

Before you start investing in a business, identify potential customers. Your target audience will be creative individuals – without reference to gender, age, or region of residence. For example, epoxy resin jewelry and miniature items are successfully sold through online resources.

Look for your buyer at the value level. The subject of your labors does not carry a practical function and cannot solve the problem. Decorative things made of resin are purchased for aesthetic reasons because they are liked and harmoniously fit into the apartment’s interior, house, style, and lifestyle of the homeowners.


But what if you have several ideas of what to make and can’t decide, or you haven’t done any handicrafts in a while and need ideas? Here are a few innovative ones using resin or epoxy resin to help you get started.

As for competition, in this area, it is regarded as average. But, of course, you must compete in megacities for a place in the sun. In small towns, there may not be analog workshops at all. But the demand there is often lower, and there is a risk of being unable to sell your products.


Decide on the list of manufactured products

The activity format is chosen based on the skills, experience, and taste preferences of the master. For example, women are better at making jewelry, and men are better at making more prominent items.

Resin Table

If you don’t mind spending more time on more significant projects, a resin table may be right up your alley. You’ll need a plain wooden tabletop, your choice of clear or colored epoxy (or a combination), and decorative elements such as ceramic or glass tiles or fresh flowers. If you’ve seen those incredible tables that look like they have rivers in them, then you have a good idea of how the outcome of this craft should look.

As you can see, there are many things you can make using resin, and these five are just the tip of the iceberg. Since epoxy resin is incredibly versatile to work with, you’ll have no difficulty pouring, molding, and shaping it into whatever small crafts you can think of. For example, keychains, coasters, trays, buttons, and hair accessories can be made from epoxy resin. Make sure you don’t copy any trademarked designs so you don’t get in trouble.



Bracelets, necklace pendants, and earrings can all be made using epoxy resin, and they’re also popular handmade jewelry. For bracelets, for example, you can make beads using a mold and then string them together or use a more extensive decay to make a bangle. For earrings, necklaces, and bracelet charms, use molds to form the general shape and then insert design elements like beads, glitter, or small pressed flowers.


To make bookmarks, you’ll need a thin, flat mold which you’ll have to fill with clear or colored resin. As with jewelry, you can add little design elements to make distinct bookmarks or leave them one solid color. If you have more patience, you can use different colored resin to make patterns instead of beads, glitter, and the like.

Wall Art

You can use different elements like pressed flowers, photographs, and miniature paintings to create wall art of various sizes. First, use a frame mold or something similar, then add the desired elements. You can use clear epoxy throughout or fill the mold halfway with colored epoxy before adding your pressed flowers and other aspects before pouring on a layer of clear epoxy, leaving it all to dry.

Paper Weights

The great thing about this craft is that paperweights can be both practical and pretty so that they can double as decor for an office or coffee table. Resin can be used to make solid paperweights. As with any resin craft, you can use clear epoxy, colored epoxy, or a mix of both, then add flowers, beads, glitter, and other decorations.

If you don’t want to be afraid of competitors, find your format, and think over individual advantages that distinguish your products from analogs. Then, determine communication priorities, meanings, and values, feel about how you will build relationships with customers, and what kind of pricing policy you plan to pursue.

Basic Rules

You can work with epoxy resin composition at home. For such work to be a pleasure and the result of creative work to please and inspire, you need to know and follow the basic rules for using this polymer.

  • The amount of ingredients combined depends on the brand of epoxy resin and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Suppose you are the first to develop a new brand of polymer resin for yourself. In that case, you should not rely on previous experience here – each type of resin composition has its characteristics.
  • The connection of the components must be carried out in a certain sequence, and if it is violated, the composition will begin polymerization ahead of time. When mixing, adding the hardener to the base is necessary, but not vice versa. Pour in slowly while slowly stirring the composition for 5 minutes.
  • Epoxy resin is very sensitive to the surrounding temperature background. When the resin component is mixed with the hardener, a chemical reaction occurs with heat release. The larger the volume of the mixture, the more heat energy is released when the components are combined. The temperature of the mix during this process can reach more than +500°C. Therefore, various resin components and hardeners are poured into molds made of heat-resistant material for work. Usually, the resin cures at room temperature, but if you need to speed up this process, you must preheat the original ingredients.


So, if you’re looking for a new hobby or side hustle, consider trying your hand at resin crafts. You might end up loving it.