There is no need for much effort to reduce belly fat, Just follow these 5 priceless mantras of fitness


To stay fit, you do not need a lot of hard work, just try these 5 priceless mantras of fitness

You do not need a lot of hard work to live, just keep in mind some things that will help a lot in keeping you fit. Nowadays most people are troubled by obesity, there are many reasons for this. One is not to exercise and the other is to take such food, which is rich in calories. The result is that the stomach comes out and if you want to make it work immediately, then follow the 5 methods mentioned below:

Eat more often, eat less:

Never eat food together. Eat little by little. This will keep the metabolism of the body right and will also help in reducing belly fat in reducing weight. Many times we take out all the food together in the late afternoon and later it becomes difficult for us to eat it. Don’t do this at all. Divide your diet into two or three parts. And eat a little every two or 3 hours. This will keep your stomach full, your energy level will also be maintained and abdominal obesity will also be reduced.

Also, whenever you eat food, drink sips of water once or twice in between. By doing this you will avoid overeating. Eating late at night is also a major reason for increasing belly fat. Always have dinner 2 hours before sleeping. Apart from this, you should eat something light for dinner.

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Drink warm water on an empty stomach:

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will be very beneficial for reducing stomach. This will gradually reduce the fat stored in the stomach. Apart from this, if you drink hot water by adding lemon and honey, then it will prove to be even more beneficial. Not only this but drinking it daily will make you feel refreshed and energized. Not only this, water makes the digestion of food easier and helps the kidney to function properly.

Take Protein Rich Diet:

The amount of protein in the diet should be sufficient. Protein keeps the stomach full for a long time. And because of this, there is no hunger soon. Eat things like lentils, roti, green vegetables, and beans in the diet.

Honey and green tea reduce weight and belly fat:

Honey is the most effective when it comes to reducing weight and belly fat. It contains protein, water, energy, fiber, sugar, and many vitamins and minerals. To reduce fat, mix honey with lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach daily. Due to this the fat present in the body does not collect in one place.


Drinking green tea also helps a lot in reducing belly fat. If you are fond of tea, drink green tea regularly instead of two milk tea or copy.

It is necessary to exercise:

Walking, jogging, or doing abdominal exercises in the morning is a great option to reduce belly fat. This will gradually reduce the stomach and your digestive system will also improve. Actually, yoga reduces mental problems along with your body. Naukasana is the best option of yoga to reduce the enlarged stomach.

Also, keep this in mind:

Start your day with a banana or any fresh fruit, soaked almonds, or soaked currant. Try to avoid tea and coffee. If possible, do not drink tea and coffee.

Include ghee in your diet. Add one tablespoon of ghee to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. According to the study, it is especially beneficial for PCOD, diabetes and heart disease, BP, acidity, weak joints, constipation, and IBS.


Minimize the use of gadgets. Do not watch any kind of gadgets while eating food. Start it with one mile a day and make it a habit to do all three miles of the day in the next 10 weeks. Put all gadgets aside 30 minutes before bedtime.

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