9 Tips to Help You Keep Your .de Domain Name Safe


Every web business requires a domain name to run its website on the world wide web. The type of domain name any business picks depends on its goals & target audience. If you wish to set up your business market in Germany, the .de domain name is your perfect choice. On the other side, the .de extension is one such ccTLD (country-code top-level domain) that is recognized & trusted in the whole world. So, with this domain name, your website gets the possibility to get top ranking on the search engines & establish its presence easily.

However, since the german domain name is highly prevalent, you must ensure its full safety. Thus, with this guide, you will learn excellent ways to secure your website possessing the domain name .de. Dip into the sections below to obtain all the essential insights. 

Follow These Steps to Secure a .de Domain Name

Allocate The Ownership of a Domain to a Corporate Entity

You must not register your .de domain name in a particular name of a person. This is because it involves the risk of losing a domain name in case that person quits the company or business. Further, it can take you years as well as a considerable amount of money to reclaim the ownership of your cheap .de domain name. Thus, it is always wise to register a business website’s domain name under the corporate entity’s name. 

Seek a Reliable & Renowned Domain Registrar

You must seek a reputed domain name registrar for .de domain registration such as Hostbillo web hosting company. This lets you acquire maximum domain name stability. Hostbillo web hosting company further provides the following incredible hosting features – 

  • Easy setup
  • Domain lock
  • Advanced data security
  • Access to up to 10000 subdomains
  • 24/7/365 customer service support 

Lock Your .de Domain Name

You must not let your .de extension unlocked in order to avoid the risk of getting your domain name transferred. You can lock your .de with the help of the domain name management system once you register it. 

Set an Unbreakable Password

When you set your password poorly, there is always a maximum data security threat. You must keep a highly difficult-to-guess password with your registrar account. To make this possible, you can make a password that has multiple kinds of characters. 


Employ a VPN

You must utilize a VPN when you attempt to access your .de domain accounts. Further, you should ensure to select the leading VPN that is reliable & credible while you log into your account.

Accomplish a .de Domain Registration For 10 Years

You must aim to register your german domain name for the maximum amount of time period. The time must generally be up to ten years. You can also turn on the auto-renew feature to avoid the risk of forgetting. 

Provide Backup Payment Information

You should provide multiple payment modes under your .de extension accounts. This will enable your web host to use another one in case of a payment failure. 

Provide Backup Contact Details

You should also offer multiple payment contact information during .de domain registration. This lets you easily retrieve your domain name account in case you are unable to access it from the primary one. 

Register the Variations of Your Domain .de

In order to prevent your brand from getting intimidated, you must attempt to register the variations of your german domain. This helps you limit the possibility of putting the credibility of your brand at risk.

How to Purchase a .de Domain From Hostbillo?

As discussed in the previous section, you must opt for a trustworthy web hosting company such as Hostbillo to purchase .de domain for your business website. Moreover, Hostbillo web hosting company provides you with a simple & straightforward way to easily do .de domain registration for your online business. Mentioned below are the smooth steps you are supposed to follow to get a german domain for your website from Hostbillo – 


Step 1: Confirming the availability of the .de domain 

In the first step, you are needed to discover an apt .de name for your website and then, check whether it is available to register or not. For this, Hostbillo web hosting company provides a powerful & effective search engine that you can put into use.  

Step 2: Building a website

In the second step, you can create your website. The company offers a robust & user-friendly website builder tool to enable you to construct your professional-level website with utmost ease. You can add this tool during the checkout procedure in order to employ it.  

Step 3: Sending Email

In the last step, you can add email during the same checkout procedure online. With the email, you get the opportunity to market your business website successfully. 



A .de domain is one of the top-leading ccTLDs you can register for your online business. It brings high value, business profitability, credibility, and users’ trust to your business website. Further, with the .de domain registration, you get the possibility to gain the confidence of the local German people and easily establish your business market in Germany. 

Also, as discussed in this guide, you must follow multiple ways in order to ensure the complete security of your Domain .de. Moreover, you can reach out to Hostbillo web hosting company to obtain the most suitable .de domain name for your website at the cheapest price rate. The company further assures the delivery of excellent web hosting features & seamless customer support. Browse right away the official site of Hostbillo to grab more details about easy & domain name .de registration.

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