Top 10 QuickBooks Features in 2022


QuickBooks, from Intuit, is complete bookkeeping and business the executive’s suite intended for little and medium-sized organizations. Intuit likewise offers a committed bookkeeping bundle, QuickBooks Accountant, that incorporates particular elements for bookkeepers. The QuickBooks Accountant 2022 bundle is intended to improve the work process and correspondence among bookkeepers and clients. It offers the center QuickBooks usefulness for enlisting monetary exchanges and producing a few kinds of reports.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Use QuickBooks

Entrepreneurs regularly use QuickBooks to deal with their solicitations, cover their bills, and track their incomes. They also use it to create month-and year-end monetary reports and prepare for quarterly or yearly business charges. Some entrepreneurs oversee QuickBooks themselves while others like to utilize an in-house or re-appropriated accountant.

Create and Track Invoices

You can make invoices effectively and either print them or email them to clients. QuickBooks will record the payments and track how much every client owes you consequently. You can import invoices into QuickBooks easily. You can see the number of your extraordinary solicitations — known as your records receivable (A/R) — as well as how long they’re late by running the A/R maturing report. 

Track of Bills & Expenses

QuickBooks monitors your bills and costs consequently by interfacing your bank and Visa records. QuickBooks with the goal that your costs are all downloaded and ordered. In the event that you want to follow a check or money exchange physically, you can record it straightforwardly in QuickBooks shortly.

You can likewise enter bills into QuickBooks when you get them with the goal that QuickBooks can assist you with following forthcoming installments — or A/P. You can guarantee that you cover your bills on time by making an A/P report. This report will give you the subtleties of your current and past-due bills.

Print Financial Statements

By dealing with all of your money inflow and outpouring exercises in QuickBooks, you can print fiscal reports. It give helpful data about how your business is performing. Moneylenders frequently require budget reports when you apply for private company credit or credit extension.


You can create these three essential budget reports in QuickBooks with a couple of snaps:

  • Profit and Loss report
  • Balance Sheet report
  • Statement of Cash Flows

The following is a concise depiction of every one of these reports, alongside a preview of what they resemble in QuickBooks Online.

Profit and Loss Report

The Profit and Loss report will show you how beneficial your business is by summing up its pay short its costs. The report shows you the primary concern overall gain for a particular time frame period. Like seven days, a month, or a quarter.

Balance Sheet Report

The Balance Sheet report shows what your business claims (resources), what it owes (liabilities), and its total assets (value) at a specific moment.

Statement of Cash Flow

The Statement of Cash Flows in QuickBooks will show you every one of the exercises that influence working, effective cash flow management, and funding cash inflows and money outpourings for your business.

Track Employee Time & Expenses

Workers or subcontractors can enter their own experience as they progress as the day progressed, or a clerk can enter their week-by-week time in the event that the representative presents a manual timesheet. Time entered and relegated to a client will be accessible to add to the client’s next receipt. Any cost entered can be set apart as billable and doled out to a client. Very much like time, these billable costs will be accessible to add to the client’s next receipt. You needn’t bother with the finance add-on to follow worker time for the purpose of charging.


Finance is a region that you would rather not hold back on by attempting to physically make it happen. Botches made in computing checks can bring about steep punishments and troubled representatives. QuickBooks has its own finance capability and can naturally compute and run finance as frequently as the need might arise. At the point when you enter worker time as talked about over, the hour’s stream to your solicitations as well as to the finance module. This way you can be certain that consistently you pay your worker is likewise considered for charging a client.

The best thing about utilizing QuickBooks finance is that it’s incorporated with QuickBooks so your fiscal summaries are dependably state-of-the-art as of the most recent finance run. The acquisition of a QuickBooks Payroll membership is expected to run finance, however, you have a few degrees of administration to look over to meet your requirements.

Track Inventory

QuickBooks can follow the amount and cost of your stock. As you sell a stock, QuickBooks will dispense a piece of your stock to the expense of merchandise sold (COGS) naturally, which is a business ledger that lessens your pay. This distribution is a prerequisite for computing available pay and is exceptionally unwieldy to do the hard way. QuickBooks can likewise remind you to arrange stock naturally when amounts are low.

Simplify Taxes

Maybe the main thing QuickBooks can accomplish for your private company is to improve on charge time. By a wide margin, the biggest migraine in setting up a government form is gathering your pay and costs. Assuming you use QuickBooks during the year, all you really want to do at charge time is print your fiscal reports. Even better, with QuickBooks Online, you can welcome your duty preparer to get to your record straightforwardly so they can survey your numbers and print anything that data they need to set up your return.

Accept Online Payments

One of the most mind-blowing ways of further developing your income is to offer clients the choice to pay their solicitations on the web. You can add QuickBooks Payments (previously known as Intuit Merchant Services) so clients can pay online straightforwardly from their message receipt. QuickBooks Payments is like other trader administrations. Notwithstanding, on the grounds that it’s coordinated totally inside QuickBooks, the deal, Mastercard charge, and money store are undeniably recorded consequently as they happen.

Scan Receipts

One more key to making charge time a breeze is having the option to sort out your receipts in QuickBooks. All QuickBooks Online supporters can download the QuickBooks application to their cell phone free of charge, snap a photo of a receipt, and transfer it to QuickBooks Online in only a couple of moments — not any more lost receipts or physically coordinating up receipts with downloaded financial exchanges. QuickBooks permits you to join a receipt to the comparing banking exchange. You can transfer a limitless number of receipts to QuickBooks Online as the receipts are put away in the cloud alongside your information.

Track Mileage

Numerous independently employed workers/proprietors utilize their own vehicles for business purposes. This gives a liberal duty derivation of 58.5 pennies per mile for 2022. In any case, to get the derivation, you’re expected to track the date, miles, and reason for your outing.

QuickBooks Online makes this inconceivably simple. Its portable application will involve the GPS in your telephone to naturally detect each time you’re in a moving vehicle. Then, you can survey your excursions, group them as private or business, and imprint them as billable to a client. Billable mileage costs will then, at that point, be accessible to consequently add to the following receipt you make for that client.


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