From an Urban Fashion Brand to Luxurious Soda Club Jackets — A Journey!


Urban Fashion Brand to Luxurious Soda Club Jackets: Suppose, you think about launching a brand in your early childhood, and somehow things work out in your favor and hard work pays off. How would you feel? Probably on cloud nine, right? Well, it’s pretty close to what Marc Buchanan has felt when he got to know that people love his share in the fashion industry so much.

Urban Fashion Brand to Luxurious Soda Club Jackets
Urban Fashion Brand to Luxurious Soda Club Jackets

Who is Marc Buchanan?

He is one of the finest fashion designers in the history of leather jackets. And you may have hardly heard of it because he has never been fond of being famous so, the man stayed low-key for half of his life. We still don’t where is he living or how does he look but according to our calculations, we assume, he probably be old.


The reason why many of us think that is because it was a decade ago when he launched his leather clothing brand. Speaking of which, it was called Pelle Pelle, it’s still called this but not in the business anymore. We suppose, Marc ran out of new designs or he believed that the industry has been evolved too much so did the hip-hop culture. We don’t have concrete proof but if you go through his work, especially women’s soda club Pelle Pelle you’ll see it is mostly inspired by hip-hop.


But that is not entirely true, at one point he did produce a lot of articles inspired by the late Michael Jackson and people liked them so much. But after some time, he thought to bring out his inner artist and he started channeling his inner ability to create something different that people never experienced before. And that’s what gave birth to the actual brand named Pelle Pelle.



Interview over a Phone Call!

You might be shocked knowing that there is only one picture of him on the internet and there’s nothing much you will find out on Google either. We never understood the reason for this secrecy, however, he did talk about his brand in one interview over the phone call. For him, designing all the incredible jackets was just like a painting on canvas. You see, how serene it was for Marc to put his imagination on a piece of leather.


While answering another question he stated; that, he learned how to create designs using computers. But it was unmanageable for him throughout. He preferred to sketch and that’s what he used to advise fashion artists. According to him, it was just a matter of 30 seconds to come up with a design.


Everything he said in that interview, made us realize that he preferred to be called an artist rather than a fashion designer. He studied art since childhood. Call him a painter, sculpturer, and whatnot. He is everything a true artist needs to be.



When Did He start it all?

Right after graduating high school, he crafted his first garment. From 1971 to 1978, it was time for him to create his name. And in between that timeline, he created some of the most iconic articles. The original soda club jacket is undoubtedly one of them.


It was then that the actual hip-hop culture came to the surface with his jackets. It took the hip-hop community by storm and they started supporting it. Even today you can find many celebrities wearing Pelle Pelle jackets and outfits. It made fans go crazy that you can literally find fan-made pages on Instagram.

These are not just pages but they actually fabricate jackets inspired by Marc’s designs and sell them online. It surely is a big achievement and for Marc, it is a lifetime achievement because he spent half of his life creating this magnificent brand identity.



Soda Club — the Iconic Street Symbol

Over time, Pelle Pelle became a street symbol and people started admiring it more than before, so what made it so special? Because we never knew the owner personally, did not even see a picture of him, know nothing about him! How come, he made such a big impact on society? We have only one answer to that, perhaps, his articles spoke for themselves. The reason why Marc Buchanan jackets, world tours articles, and anniversary launches became street-symbol was that he talked to the people through his art.


However, the story does not end here because he is the one who stopped manufacturing elegance worldwide but not us. And many other people like us. It is like maintaining the legacy, we thrive each day to put every bit of effort to compose nearly something like Pelle Pelle’s statements. This brand is as influential as day one and you can spectate the big names like Drake, Kanye, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, and Meek Mill wearing the new versions of these jackets. Not the original ones but recreation you can say.


The hurdles 

It took a long time for luxury brands to accept the fact there are brands like Pelle Pelle or Avirex which have a huge fan base than a normal luxury brand. Avirex was introduced the same year as Pelle Pelle and was also a leather clothing brand. We don’t know what happened in between but it’s been recently reintroduced in 2021. Anyways, from the records, it seems like both brands shared a good bond in the past.



We don’t know what do you have to say about it but the Soda Club collection was one of the finest pieces of art from all of them. And maybe that’s why many people started with the recreation of this specific design and color pallet. Back in 2018 when Pelle Pelle suddenly vanish without any explanation whatsoever, no one knew what could possibly be the reason.

But gladly he talked and stated, it was due to financial crises as most of the stores he used to work with started closing down and it became hard to keep the business running. But he also said that he might reintroduce the brand in the future. The only thing we can do is pray that he start it soon because the era is reviving and we are going to need Pelle Pelle to represent hip-hop culture.


Marketing Director — John Green

Moving on to the director of Pelle Pelle. None other than John Green. No, not the American author but the marketing director of Pelle Pelle. If it wasn’t for him, we might have not seen the greatest collaborations in the history of fashion. He always made sure to find fresh and finest rappers to represent the brand. Credit for signing Fat Joe for classic gray Soda-Club for the music video “Lean Back” also goes to him. 

Also, the custom ones were worn by ASAP Rocky and Ferg in recent years due to Green’s effort. And he is not the only one who worked closely with the brand but there are other names like East Tremont and Bronx native. They worked with boutiques nationwide and made sure that Pelle jackets were presented well in stores. The sole purpose of doing that was to get direct feedback from the stores so that can be shared with Marc Buchanan later.



Wrap Up!

This nostalgic feeling does not keep everyone awake at night because not everyone had been lucky to feel it the way it should be felt. And in between all of that, we might want to thank brands like Pelle Pelle and its creations like Soda Club, which gave us a chance to closely witness what it feels like living in an era where engraving your identity in the industry is not an easy thing to do and yet it Marc made it look so effortlessly beautiful.

We believe that a brand should never lose its identity no matter if it’s in the business anymore or not. You can always revive the couture but it takes years to form an identity and it is undoubtedly diligence.


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