Video Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways to Promote Video Content


When it comes to food items, presentation holds a lot of importance for most people. Of course, the taste of the food item is crucial, but it is the presentation of the food that gives people the ultimate satisfaction.

For instance, imagine two perfectly baked cakes in front of you – one is well-decorated with all the toppings you love, and the other is very basic with very little to no decorations. You will find the decorated one more appealing.

9 Powerful Ways You Can Promote Video Content and Ace Video Marketing

9 Powerful Ways You Can Promote Video Content and Ace Video Marketing

The reason behind the promotion of video content is the same. Your job is only halfway done when you finish making video content for your business.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing and informative the video content is, you will not get the desired outcome if you don’t promote it wisely with video marketing strategies. So, here are 9 supremely effective video marketing ideas to promote your videos to the right audience.

1. Harness the Power of Social Media

This is the most obvious way to promote video content for business. We no longer live in those days when television advertisements were the only way to promote businesses.


Creating video content for social media can be way cheaper and much more effective. Using a smartphone to shoot content for business and an online video editor to edit the content can give you great outcomes.

All you have to do to shine on social media platforms is focus on the script and storytelling and follow the latest trends. 

2. Have a Cheerful Vibe in the Video Thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video is one of the things that helps the audience decide whether they want to see it or not. Therefore, you must make a thumbnail that grabs their attention.

It has been noticed that video thumbnails that have a cheerful vibe are the ones that get more clicks. So, using smiling faces and happy elements as your video thumbnail optimizer is highly recommended. 

For example, if you are about to post an explainer video that features a person demonstrating how a product works, the ideal thumbnail for the video would be the person smiling widely and making eye contact with the camera. To make the thumbnail even more appealing to the audience, you can feature the products discussed in the explainer video.

You can use a video editor to edit wonderful thumbnails on a budget, as most of them come with various useful stickers, filters, and other useful elements.


3. Include Share Buttons in Your Video Content

Most businesses now focus on creating content that their audiences will find relatable. This idea is extremely useful because not only do the audiences find them relatable, but they also, as a result, share the video with their connections later on.

So, to make things easier for them, include a share button at the bottom of your videos where it’s easily noticeable. You can also remind the viewers to share at the end of the video.

4. Utilize Email Marketing 

Video marketing experts highly recommend email marketing because videos are simply the most popular content on the internet.

By using the email marketing method, you will see a drastic change in the reach and engagement of your video content. When you add the word “video” to the subject of an email, the open click-through rates increase. Most smartphone users prefer receiving brand communications and updates via email.

So, it’s high time to utilize email marketing and propel your click-through rate. 

5. Invest Money in the Promotion of Social Media Posts

The money you are saving by cutting down on the cost of video production and utilizing an online video editor can be used elsewhere so that your business can grow stronger.


Invest the money in social media promotion to reach the right audiences, and you will be thankful later. Investment for social media promotion on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram isn’t going to be too heavy on the pocket if you figure out the right audience for your business and adjust the settings accordingly.

You will get a return on investment pretty soon if the whole process is done correctly. 

6. Make Business Events Exciting with Your Video Content 

Usually, business events are quite boring most of the time when the speakers aren’t very good at grabbing the attention of the audience.

Most audiences end up dozing off while others scroll through their mobiles throughout the event. This leaves a very bad impression about your business to the audiences.

Playing some short videos of your business at events is one of the most effective ways to get the audience’s attention. You can use an online video editor to create and edit short video content for the event. Short videos are now widely utilized during business events as they help speakers add more pizzazz to their video marketing strategies speech and make an impact on the audience. 

7. Create Teaser for Your Audiences

If your goal is to drive traffic to your official website or increase the number of views on YouTube, it’s highly recommended that you make a short and sweet teaser and promote it on social media to make that happen.


You can make appealing teasers for business video content in minutes by using a video editor. Teasers build hype among audiences and give them an idea of what they are about to see in the video. You can add a link to the main video in the caption to make it easy for the audience to watch the entire content. 

8. Share Your Business Video Content in Online Communities

You’re mistaken if you feel that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are the only places you have to promote video content. You can promote the videos to several online communities that you think would benefit from them.

Online communities like Reddit,, and LinkedIn are some of the best places you can post your videos, apart from the leading social media platforms. 

Explainer videos work best on these platforms because they give the viewers a clear idea of your business and increase the chances of them checking it out after they are done watching. Just make sure that your video lets the audience know about all the things they need to know about your brand before they check you out later. 

9. Tag Influencers When You Post Videos

The power of social media influencers is not unknown – they can make a large number of audiences know about your business and turn them into your potential customers.

So, marketers swear by hiring social media influencers to promote businesses. However, even if you haven’t featured any influencers in your video content, it’s a great idea to tag them when you post because most of them are very likely to share the video with their followers. This way, they help in increasing brand awareness.


To ensure reshares, find influencers who have a similar niche.


Even though making videos for businesses is relatively cheaper nowadays because of the rise of free video editors online, let’s not forget about the idea and creativity that goes into them to make them a success.

All the effort behind spending hours on making a good video can go in vain if the right video marketing strategies are not used. So, promote your business video content using top video marketing strategies and achieve all your business goals!

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