8 Best Ways to Improve Handwriting – Guide For Students


Improve Handwriting: There is an old saying “through writing, we can see one’s inner soul reflection”, writing is a passage to see what’s in someone’s mind and how they cater it through paper. Scribbling your thoughts into scripts through the depth of your pen, that too in a manner that attracts the reader is an art. Writing beautifully is not everyone’s cup of tea, and in order to sip that tea, you need the determination to carve letters spellbindingly on the paper.

Best Ways to Improve Handwriting
Best Ways to Improve Handwriting

Handwriting plays a very significant role in a student’s life, there will not always be a laptop or an IPad to type things on. On the contrary, it will be only your hands and fingers that should do the magic and create whirl winding scriptures through the help of a pen. Here we will give you some pointers on how you can improve handwriting.

Best Ways to Improve Handwriting

There are many different ways to improve handwriting. You can take classes to learn the skill, or you can try it on your own. It will take time to learn, but eventually, you will be able to write quickly and neatly. Some ways to improve handwriting include:


Paper quality matters

The Chinese are well known around the world, as they have mastered the art of papermaking. From producing top-notch paper quality and respecting the art by maintaining the topmost position in the entire globe. But, if we talk about handwriting and the connection that it has with paper is unbreakable. A top-quality smudge-free paper can help the students to write flawlessly without any hindrance.


The smearing of ink or the pressure which a paper can stand are the two most debatable factors to generate a good handwritten piece. Often students are seen chatting with peers to simply write my essay, as they have bad handwriting and they want expert help in this regard to improve handwriting.


Selection of a pen

This is 2022 and the world hasn’t ended in 2012, so with the help of inventions today we have zillions of pens to choose from. From basic ballpoint to an ink pen, even glitter pens if you like to jazz up your life. Basically, you have an array of infinite collections available at your fingertips, just choose and light up the paper. But, to be honest, selecting the right pen which complements your writing style is very important. You need that perfect grip of a pen that enhances your handwriting. Although today in the market rubber grip pens are in huge demand as it serves the purpose efficiently.


Training books


The best and easy help which a student can get to improve his handwriting is through training books. It can be a great help, by these books the exact format of letters, and how to be in the lines is taught. Practicing letters and simple lines can organize the letters, numbers, and drawings which makes handwriting stand out among the rest. Students should give daily 1 hour of dedicated time to practice in these books. But, some students opt for essay writing services in the USA because they simply can’t stand the pressure of performing well, when it comes to improving handwriting or to achieve good grades.


Ink matters

The Egyptians and Chinese are the ones who invented the ink long back 4500 years ago. We have seen caves of pharaohs in Egypt and the story which archaeologists got to know through the pictures drawn on the rock and the walls by that ancient ink. Just imagine the density and the power of that ink which never faded even after thousands of years. But, now inks are made by artificial means, which vanishes over time or are smeared on paper without letting it absorb fully. So choosing ink is a task in itself for grasping a perfect glistening matte finish at the end.


The posture of fingers (grip)


Holding your pen rightly is an art, which everyone could not perfect. There are a lot of tutorials, steps, and guidance as to how to hold your pen. But, in the end, the person holding the pen should be relaxed at first, he should have unperturbed knuckles. As stiff muscles around hands can create pressure which at the end can hurt your fingers. Nominally three or four fingers should be involved in holding a pencil or a pen, more than that can bend the structure and can aid in creating a rift.



Practice makes a man perfect, keep practicing till you reach your desired goal. Even this same mantra applies to improving your handwriting. The more you write, the better you will achieve the result at the end. You can even mold your writing and achieve the perfect curls of the letters you want. But all this can be done by practice.


Scribble your thoughts


Numbers and letters are not the only way which can enhance your handwriting. But, drawing doodles and scribbling things on paper can be a great help too. The goal is to engross all that learning which you get through that pen. Before writing, drawing was the only tool through which you can communicate in the olden times. As it serves as a channel to drop down all your images on the paper. This works well for pre-primary students and those young adults who face problems crunching numbers and letters on paper.


Embrace your unique style

After all the struggles and tactics used in improving your handwriting, in the end, it is your unique style that makes a statement. Just like a doctor’s handwriting which cannot be read by all, the same goes for you to adhere to your unique style and embrace it with pride. Keep your handwriting true to yourself, and a reflection of your thoughts.



Many psychologists can read your mind and your intention just by seeing how you draw a line or how that curve on the letter “Y” expresses your inner weaknesses. Writing is a gateway to the imaginative world that you build through your words. In such a fast-paced world when someone sends you a handwritten letter, it speaks volumes that person takes out time and expresses his thoughts through ink only for you and this is priceless.


So, in the end, making handwriting stands out among the rest is to follow the inherent pattern which God Almighty has bestowed upon you. But, if the need arises to improve your handwriting then simply follow the drill which we have prescribed above.


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