6 Best Way To Develop a Reading Culture



By Augustine Amaechi.

From my study of rich people, I have realized that they take reading and learning very seriously. Isn’t it amazing to see a young person that wants to create wealth yet he/reads no book, doesn’t listen to tapes, doesn’t watch videos that will help them to be a better version of themself?

A lot of people want to be wealthy yet know no jack about how money works. You don’t know anything about money and you want to be rich you are a joker.

6 Best Way To Develop a Reading Culture
6 Best Way To Develop a Reading Culture

It was Dr. Olumide Emmanuel that said in any area of life you want to succeed you must read the number of books commensurate to your age in that area. If you are 25 years old and you want to create Wealth you must read 25 good books on wealth creation.

  • You can’t neglect reading if you want to create wealth. In fact, you can’t neglect reading in any area you want to excel in.
  • If you want to excel in an area you must have quality information on how that area of life works.
  • I heard Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel say in one of his tapes that before going into the opening university he took time to study all the best universities in the world in order to have a working knowledge of how to run a university works.
  • A lot of people neglect reading and it is showing in their poor results.
  • I was talking to a lady on the need to develop a reading culture, she said to me reading is not my problem, I want to make money. I was shocked.
  • That’s how a lot of young people who want to create wealth or want to be relevant in life joke with reading, yet they want to command results, no sir it doesn’t work that way.

A lot of people stopped reading the day they left school. The day you stop reading you start dying. It takes learning to be living. Learning of new things, new ways of doing things, new ways of relating, etc. Information is the key to your desired change. When you don’t have the right information you will be deformed. When you access the right information you will be transformed.
So when you don’t read you are doing yourself a great disservice. Reading is one aspect that opens you up to knowledge.



The answer to the question you have asked may be hidden in books, tapes, seminars, or an article. You are thinking of how to fix the puzzle the solution might just be in a book.

  • Have you ever tried to figure out something but couldn’t only be reading a book or an article there lies the solution to your confusion.
  • It has happened to me severally.
  • Have you ever read a book and after reading it you became inspired?
  • Have you ever read a book or attended a seminar and at the end you become motivated to take certain steps in your life? It has happened to me.
  • I’m a product of reading and learning. It is said that readers are leaders;
  • It is true because you can’t lead in an area you don’t have knowledge in.
  • It takes the head that has something in it to be the head.
  • If you ever want to create Wealth you must be a reader.

What is reading culture?

It is the habitual and regular reading of books and informative materials. While reading is the ability to self-educate, learn and understand one’s own experience, discover and transform life and society.
Reading is one the oldest ways of life from the human civilization and according to Willinsky (2017) is a basic life skill that is a must for humans to acquire and a cornerstone for success throughout their lifetime.

It is assumed that the difference between developed and developing countries is as a result of their citizens cultivating a habit of reading.
Sanders (2007) explained in her book, reading culture is a practice of acquiring knowledge of facts through printed materials. She further cited an example that the practice could be realized through the reading of fiction and nonfiction books and online resources.

Research has shown that people read in developing countries because they want to pass examinations.
Poor reading habit has the capacity to create a lack of self-esteem, failure, poverty, and illiteracy.

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  • It builds your self-esteem.
  • It provides you with information.
  • Reading inspires and motivates you.
  • It brings out the writing ability in you.
  • It satisfies your curiosity.
  • It helps you develop your personality.
  • Reading helps you to travel across time intelligently.
  • It increases your comprehension.
  • It provides mental and physical relaxation.
  • It transforms lives.
  • It helps you in communication (vocabulary building)
  • It stimulates creativity in you.


6  Ways To Develop A Reading Culture

1. Read At Least 10 minutes a day

A lot of people claim they don’t have time for reading, that is not true, let me ask you, do you have time to visit social media handles and see what’s trending. Or what your friends are posting? The answer is yes you do, so it means that you can make out time to read no matter how small.

You are going to work and there’s traffic before you get to work or the office you can quickly flip open your book and begin to read for a least 10-20 minutes.
During the lunch break, you can quickly read for 20 minutes again or more.
Before you go to bed at night do another 20 minutes.
If you are able to read for 60 minutes in a day, in a week you would have read for 420 minutes that’s a good start and as you keep going it will come to a time when you can do more hours in a week.

2. Carry A Book Everywhere You Go

This is another important step because you can quickly begin to read when there’s traffic on your way to work. When you wait in a queue it’s an opportunity to read because your book is readily available in your hand.
You can also download eBooks and read from your phone or tablet if you don’t want to carry books around, but the challenge with reading from a device is that you are tempted to begin to check messages or get distracted with phone beeps and notifications.
But if you can be disciplined enough to stay focused it will be of great help.


3. Audio Books Or Mp3.

This is another way to learn. You can listen to audiobooks on your phone or in your car while driving.



4. Desire for Information And Knowledge.

This is another very important key to cultivating a reading culture.
When you have the desire to know or understand things around you it naturally leads you to seek knowledge, maybe through reading, watching videos, or listening to audio materials.


5. When You Want To Be The Best/Competent.

There are a lot of shallow people all over the place. But when an individual wants to rise above average, when you have the desire to go above the shallows, when you want to become an authority in an area of life, you will become an ardent reader.

It is not everybody that desires to rise above the average; such people will not value reading.



6. Read In Your Area Of Interest.

What is it that interests you, discover it, and pick books or online resources in that area? It will also help you to develop a reading culture.



There are people who don’t see reading as something of importance, but people who have understanding know that reading is important. So we will look at some of the reasons I have discovered why people don’t read.


1. I Don’t Have Time To Read.

Life can be very busy no doubt about that, from work responsibilities, housework, etc. Some of us are lucky if we have time to sleep let alone read.
Sometimes the volume of the book gets some people scared, and they don’t even bother opening the book. But there’s a way out. Think of reading as play, think of reading as something you do to relax after work. What do you do to relax scroll Instagram, Facebook, watch TV or just sit down and talk? That’s the time that should be allotted to reading.
If you can give 20-30 minutes of your time to reading it makes a whole lot of difference.



2. I Don’t Know What To Read.

There are millions of books that are published in a year, there are different genres, there are different authors.
So how do you know what to read?
Read whatever book you like, any topic that interests you.
Read also in the area of your interest.
For me I read often in the areas I what to grow or develop myself, that doesn’t imply I don’t read other books.
I do but more in the area of my personal development.


3. There’s No Point Reading.

Some people don’t see anything good they might gain in reading.
They believe is for school, so since they graduated from college and got a job, reading is no longer useful.
This is a very wrong approach to reading.
Reading has a lot to offer whosoever engages in it. When you read you are practicing your language. It helps you to speak better and it gives you more confidence in yourself as you communicate.
Reading helps you to live through the eyes of another human being. Seeing life from another person’s perspective helps you empathize with others,
it can be their story or experience.


4. People Don’t Read Because They Are Turning Ignorant.

People don’t read because they are turning Ignorant. You need to understand that Ignorance is darkness. When a man is Ignorant, it means his mind is darkened.
He lacks information or knowledge. When you are not Ignorant you will know that through reading you can get more enlightened.



5. Another Reason Why People Fail To Read Is Because Of Social Media.

Just like they say that everything that has advantages has disadvantages.
One disadvantage I see about social media is that it takes a lot of time from people. People are no longer able to control their use of social media. Anything that takes most of your time owns your life. Social media is good but we must see how it’s affecting our lives negatively and correct it.

We must learn to strike balance in our usage of social media not to allow it to get the best of us. There are people that spend the whole 24hours a day jumping from one social media to another; they have accounts on all the social media platforms there is. Some spend 5-8 hours on social media every day.

This is precious time that should be invested in reading.


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