What is OCR, How it works, and What’s The Best Free Online OCR Tool


It is possible to convert an image into text and create searchable PDF files!!

What’s the OCR technique? OCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) technique that helps to recognize text in scanned documents or image files. It is used to extract data from written or printed text, and then convert the image into text for further data processing such as editing or searching. OCR software is able to convert any paper document or image into an electronic version.

What is OCR, How it works
What is OCR, How it works

If you scan a document or photograph with your printer, it will most likely create an electronic file that contains a digital image. Although the file can be JPG/TIFF/PDF, the electronic file will still contain the original image. The OCR program can load the scanned electronic document, which includes the image, into a new file. OCR software will identify the text and convert it to editable text.


How does the OCR (optical characters recognition) work?

OCR analyzes the patterns of light, dark, and letters to convert scanned images into text. To help the system match the image to the correct letters or numbers, the OCR system must recognize characters in different fonts.

How is OCR changing the banking industry?

Although there are many uses for OCR, it is mostly used in the banking and insurance industries. The OCR in the banking industry allows recognition of handwritten text on checks and validates the extracted information. Therefore, the check can be approved immediately.


How is OCR changing the insurancegocr


The OCR can automatically extract key information from insurance documents regardless of language. It uses the OCR versions (Japanese OCR, Chinese OCR), which allows them to save time, cut costs and provide better customer service.

I have a secret for you! There are many OCR tools that make it easy to recognize text in images. It doesn’t require you to download and maintain any software. They are free so you don’t have to pay a lot to get professional OCR tools. They can be used on all platforms (PCs, tablets, and mobile) and supports all image formats.

One Of those tools is OCR Bear: https://ocrbear.com/


How To use OCR Bear!?

You can use it in just 3 steps:

First, you drag your images to upload to this tool
Second, you select the file’s language
Third Your Run this tool by clicking on the button “Submit” below.



This site assures that:

Your files are not stored on the website: After conversion, all files uploaded to this website will be deleted. OCR Bear makes it easy to apply OCR to all your invoices and scanned documents. It is very useful for both studies and work.

It’s easy to use: This makes it as simple as possible to recognize text using OCR. It doesn’t require you to install or worry about any software.

Your system supports: This Tool does not require any special software. This OCR tool works in your browser, so it is compatible with all operating systems.

Secure Conversion This OCR Tool does not store any files on our servers. After conversion, all files uploaded will be deleted.

It is free: many OCR tools are available for free. This OCR Tool is completely free.


Responsive app: OCR Bear can be used for any type of Support (PC, tablet, or mobile).

All image formats: You can find the text for any image format (PNG or JPG, GIF or another)

Also: Developers can also use the API on this site to develop their applications. This API is available to all and is free of charge. Developers can use this API to search for OCR data for testing. 


Domain Applications:

OCR can be used in many ways. Any company dealing with physical documents can benefit from it. These are just a few of the notable uses:

Word Processing:


One of the most common OCR applications is word processing. You can scan print files and convert them into editable and easily accessible versions. AI helps to ensure that the paper is transformed as accurately and precisely as possible.

Documentation for legal purposes:

For easy retrieval, important legal documents such as loan documentation can be scanned. You can also view and share the documents.


With your phone, you can take a photo of the cheque that you wish to deposit. AI-powered OCR technology can automatically review the check to verify that it is valid and verify the cash you want to deposit.

What happens if my OCR output is bad?


Your original document or image may have poor contrast, fuzzy characters, overs, or other problems. OCR software can recognize text, but it may not be accurate or easy to read.

To make OCR more efficient and easier to verify and correct, ensure that your original isn’t a fuzzy reprint. Sharp letters and good contrast should be the hallmark of the original.

You may be able to get a better copy of the original from the printer or software. This will allow you to produce a better image.


Types of OCR:

Optical character recognition, (OCR).
Recognition of optical words
Intelligent character recognition
Intelligent Word recognition



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