What is Spy Hermit Spyware? Somewhere no one is stealing your personal information, How to Avoid It?


After the spyware Pegasus, the Israeli spyware, now there is talk of the Hermit. It is being used for espionage in many countries of the world. This has been disclosed by the team of Cyber Security for ‘Lookout Threat Lab’. According to the report, Hermit spyware is being used to illegally obtain information about high-profile officials.

What does it do?

Hermit spyware performs spying in many ways. Like recording audio, calling and redirecting it, as well as knowing call log, photo device location, and SMS information.

Installs like this:

The entry of this spyware is done through an SMS on the phone of the users. Even the security features of many big brands are not able to catch it. It has been used for spying in Italy, Kazakhstan, and Syria.

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Why is hermit spyware dangerous?

According to Lookout Threat Lab, this spyware can infiltrate all versions of Android. According to Google, this is such dangerous spyware that can also break into the security of the iPhone. Hermit is available on all versions of Android. The Android version on which Hermit has installed checks it frequently. So that you can understand how that version works. According to them, this malware is different from app-based spyware.

Where was it prepared?

According to media reports, Hermit spyware has been developed by Italian companies RCS Lab and Tykelab SRL. However, the firm has denied this. But in 2019, the Italian authorities themselves used it for an anti-corruption campaign. Many times cases of its misuse have also come to the fore.

Who makes the victim?

According to media reports, it was used to record the calls of government officials, social workers, businessmen, and journalists, and to steal important data present on the phone. According to experts, this spyware starts working by clicking on the link given in the SMS coming on the phone. Therefore, keep in mind that never click on the link of unknown SMS.


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