What It Would Cost Of Studying in Canada?


Cost of Studying in Canada

Any type of education program is based on funding, regardless of where you want to pursue it. As a student you know that higher education in abroad will be foundation of your career. When you come to the world scenario, you will discover the importance of a degree awarded by a prestigious world-class number. Many of us wish to pursue studies abroad; we all want to be associated with the best universities in the world. As a bachelor’s degree is an important part of every knowledge order. So you must have thought of some countries that turned out to be the pioneers in education. Let’s check what it would cost to studying in Canada for international students.

Study in Canada

Today we are going to discuss one such country which is Canada. Over the past few years, Canada has proven to be one of the busiest places for education in abroad as a large number of students approach Canada every year to pursue their favorite course in the universities. Today we will understand the expenses related to studying in Canada. We will also discuss the cost of getting a Canadian study visa in India.



The primary and main part of education is tuition, how much will it take, what are the requirements for college or university tuition. The fee structure for studying in Canada will, of course, depend on what type you are willing to attend and which university you choose, as there is a list of the best universities with reasonable tuition fees.

Tuition fees will cost you approximately CAD 7,000 to CAD 35,000 per year. This may vary as we have discussed based on the university and the course. In Indian currency, for one year it will cost you around 3, 50,000 Lakhs to 19, 00,000.

Lodging and Residence

Universities offer on-campus residence for international students. Moreover, students can also opt for an off-campus life where they can share with their new friends on campus. On-campus accommodation facilities will cost you around CAD 8,000-10,000. Another option of living off campus premises will cost you around CAD 400-700 per month in which you will get a shared apartment.

Living Expenses in Canada

Considering various expenses and living expenses, like communication, transportation, books, supplies, daily use expenses. Students must count all these expenses as it represents a significant part of the budget of all international students who live abroad.


Apart from all the expenses, there are other areas that students need to reckon with. Other expenses included in it include health insurance this is the most mandatory part for every international student, the Canadian government requires health insurance which will give you full access to the country.


We have discussed all the different aspects of the financial part of education in Canada, calculating all the different costs and expenses; you must have understood what is the basic financial plan for education abroad in Canada. So you have to inculcate it in your plan and planning.

You can also get help from professional consultants who are there in the field to serve different students. The need to get in touch with Education Consultants is simple. The consultants are very well aware of the state of the art of all the processes that need to be followed for education abroad. You can seek help from study in Canada consultants. So, plan today and keep in mind all the expenses we discussed above, so you don’t fall behind anyone in the new era of education abroad. Plan today and be part of this global world. You may need some exam qualification for study in Canada So, Join GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS coaching in Noida for best preparation.

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