WhatsApp Call Recording: First Step To Stop Illegal Data Sharing 2022

WhatsApp Call Recording: First Step To Stop Illegal Data Sharing:

One of our colleagues got caught in a very big scandal at our school. Some teenagers of high school blackmailed her that they will share some personal things with the school management which she apparently did not want. So as a result they asked her to share the next exam and some portal passwords. It was just a term exam so she thought she will change the password later on.

But little did she know that school management is professionally dealing with the job. Though she might be new to teenagers and their perks on the other hand school management knew the teenagers and the related fiascos for ages. Thus she was caught before the real mission and the kids were tracked as well.

WhatsApp Call Recording: First Step To Stop Illegal Data Sharing
WhatsApp Call Recording: First Step To Stop Illegal Data Sharing

The use of spy apps and Whatsapp call recording in real helped the authorities to track down everyone involved. It was a big mess. Everyone was talking about it. Kids were blogging, sharing posts on the school portal and social media. Thankfully the higher authorities were lenient enough to not share the real names of the teacher and student involved.


As still they were caught before the real thing and she practically has not shared anything with them yet so it worked in her favor as well. But of course, earning and some hidden penalties were part of the protocol. Though they call the kid’s parents and they went through strict punishment and procedures to discourage any kind of such habit.

That whole thing revealed that the higher authorities are watching us and listening to us through the employee monitoring apps. It was a big disclosure for many of us through some of us still has an idea so were careful with the given work gadgets. A workshop for a week was even organized for us teachers to deal with such a situation. To stop any kind of illegal data sharing and they let us know about the official statement and protocols to follow.

Moreover, t was more than obvious that we all are being monitored so they let us know officially as well. As it is completely up to the employers to keep the employees know about the employee monitoring through apps or not. As far as employees are concerned, I think it is pretty much obvious that everyone uses such apps and monitoring software.

Spying On Employees?

As much it sounds completely weird and wrong but monitoring employees or in other words spying on employees through company-owned devices are completely legal and fine. But one thing is sure most employers use this technology as according to a survey almost 80% of organizations have confessed that they keep a check on their employees, phone calls, email correspondence, and more for work-related purposes only.


They let you know at the start or does not make it official it’s completely up to them. As far as you are an employee who uses a company-given device whether it’s a cellphone, tablet, or laptop you can be monitored legally and there is nothing you can do about it except use the device for work purposes only honestly.

WhatsApp Call Recording:

I am a curious soul this is one of the good and the bad thing of my personality. So when they told us that she was caught calling on Whatsapp as they were using the WhatsApp call recording feature for employees I was curious. I wanted to know the whole thing and how did they manage to do that. I found an interesting app and I am going to share the science behind the usage of this app and the WhatsApp feature.

• The OgyMogy app offers many social media monitoring features. Whatsapp call recording can be done through the use of the Whatapp spy app.
• The app is a cloud-based app which means all the recordings are saved on the online portal.
• All they need to do is simply install the app on the company-owned device before handing over it to us. Once installed the app can let the user know about all the incoming and outgoing call records of Whatsapp.
• Users can listen to the call content, can track the caller Id, and can monitor the call log with timestamped information.
Make sure you follow the protocols by professionally using the company-owned devices.



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