Which countries accept IELTS for Abroad Immigration?


IELTS for Abroad Immigration

Which countries accept IELTS for immigrants – IELTS, an English language testing system for native speakers? The system has been run by the British Council, IDP (IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English) since 1989. In addition, IELTS is accepted by most educational institutions in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. , in Ireland and New Zealand. Whether you want to study, work, visit, or hike. This testing system is practical and useful for going outdoors. You need to know the meaning, whether you accept it or not. But which countries accept IELTS for abroad immigrants? Let’s check what you will need to prepare IELTS for abroad immigration.

What IELTS Test Offers?

Definitely, IELTS test has become the most renowned test to offer English language skills for non -native speakers as well. In addition, it is the most popular testing system in the world, with candidates who are fluent in English. Therefore, if candidates want to go abroad, they need to improve their English language skills. So, join the best IELTS coaching in Jaipur or near you for quick preparation.

IELTS offers English Proficiency in Four Sections

A test that requires English proficiency in four sections, divided into speaking, writing, listening and reading. In addition, their IELTS test scores are valid or not. The total result of the group is rated from 0 to 9 so you need 6-7 points for each country. Now read the article below with the names of the countries that accept IELTS for abroad immigration.

Countries That Accept IELTS for Immigrants

IELTS is a popular language around the world, with more than 9,000 abroad immigration agencies, international professional organizations and more. Essentially, there are three outcomes of the IELTS test – academic, general knowledge, and life skills. Among those life skills there is a positive outcome for the British government for passports and immigrants. Here, you need to be able to speak and listen well during the test.

Available for both levels A1 and B1. When registering for the test, check the English language requirements for the Visa section. So, check out the list of countries that accept IELTS for abroad immigration below.


IELTS for visa types and PR (permanent residence) qualifications are also taken in Australia. This is also important for Australian professional firms and accredited organizations.



For Canadians, if you are applying for PR, you must show a degree of proficiency in English. Importantly, just studying IELTS is an exam that will allow you to immigrate to Canada.

New Zealand

According to the New Zealand government, they apply for IELTS for passports, including knowledgeable immigrants, residency for jobs and key positions. An official qualification for knowledge of English for a variety of subjects.

UK (United Kingdom)

The English language survey for those applying for PR (permanent residence) in the UK. For those applying for a longer stay or residency.

How to get Abroad Immigrants?

Applying for abroad immigration is an important and effective decision. You just need the necessary documents, files, permissions and English language skills. Also, authorization of your study abroad application is in the hands of United States Department of State and Abroad immigration Services (USCIS). United States Department of State and Abroad immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of State (DOS) have a coordination office to determine the availability of passport applicants. Check out the immigrant passport and diverse visa process mentioned by overseas education consultants below.

Abroad Immigrant Passport Process

  • Application – Submit your application
  • Upon approval – Select a Buyer and pay through the processing of CEAC (Visa Application Center) and NVC (National Visa Application Center).
  • Documents – Submit a passport application form, collect bank statements and supporting documents.
  • Submit documents to NVC (National Visa Application Center)

Prepare For the Interview and Wait For the Results

In addition, the registration for various types of immigrant passport (DV) applications includes the following pages. Diversity of Migrants Section 203 (c) of the Migration and Citizenship Act (INA) provides for any type of country. It is important to remember that there is no charge for registering a DV program. And the necessities for the DV program are set by United State and Abroad immigration law.

The Visa Process is Different

  • Enrollment – Submit an application and wait for the selection of candidates.
  • After selection for abroad immigration – verify your qualifications for IELLS and submit credentials.
  • Required documents – immigrant passport and application for registration of foreign nationals and other supporting documents.

General Impact

By studying the above, hopefully you will find a better guide for countries that accept IELTS for abroad immigration. So go ahead and find the best country that suits your needs now and apply for that.


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