5 Must-Have Products for Maintaining Whiter Teeth

You know the importance of white teeth to show off a healthy, beautiful smile, and you’ve worked hard for yours. Whether your pearly whites are all natural or came from a tube, box, or kit, you’ve earned them, and you want them to stay bright!

The challenge is that yellow teeth come with aging. It’s not that you’re getting old. It’s that every time you eat and drink, it allows food particles to build up on your enamel. Over time, it gets harder and harder to remove the staining agents faster than they get into your pores.

Luckily, you’re starting with a clean slate. Now, you just have to prevent the normal “wear and tear” from happening.

How can you keep your teeth white and still enjoy your favorite foods and beverages? These five must-have products can help you maintain whiter teeth.

1. Straws

Yes, a simple straw can prevent stains from touching the surfaces of your teeth.

Visualize picking up a glass, bottle, or can and taking a long, cold drink of your favorite beverage. The liquid enters your mouth, passing your front teeth and hitting most of the rest of them on the way down your throat.

But with a straw, you get the same amazing taste without the drink touching all but the bare minimum of your teeth.

Concerned about the environment? That’s great! You don’t need to toss away plastic straws every time you drink. There are plenty of eco-friendly options, including bamboo, paper, and stainless steel reusable straws.

2. Travel Toothbrush Kits

If you’re on the go a lot, a travel toothbrush kit is an essential part of keeping your teeth clean. When you brush after meals, you remove the food particles and debris that would have otherwise turned into plaque and tartar.

Small kits are easy to tuck away in your purse or keep in a cool, dark place in your car. You can buy them pre-made or create your own with a mini toothbrush, small toothpaste container, and floss. For extra freshness, don’t forget the travel mouthwash!

3. Whitening Gum

Thinking about snacking or indulging in a cigarette? Pop a square of sugar-free whitening gum in your mouth instead.

This works in a few different ways. First, the act of chewing often satisfies your brain’s craving for food, so you aren’t exposing your teeth to the typical staining agents. Next, chewing gum increases the flow of saliva, which rinses bacteria and debris from your teeth.

Some gum whitening products have gentle abrasives in them, removing stains from the surface enamel. Others contain ingredients that are supposed to prevent new stains.

4. Water

You already know that water is healthy for your body, but did you know it can aid in keeping your teeth white, too?

When you drink your preferred beverages, like coffee, tea, coke, or red wine, and don’t rinse them quickly, staining agents get into the porous enamel. Following up your favorite drinks with a glass of water effectively washes the potential stains from your teeth and protects them from discoloration.

The same idea applies to tobacco users. Smoking or using any tobacco product will quickly cause your teeth to turn yellow or brown. But you can delay the effects if you drink water (and brush your teeth) after each cigarette.

5. Touch-Up Whitening Kits

No matter how much water you drink and how careful you are with your oral hygiene routine, stains happen. A regular touch-up once a year (more often if necessary) lets you nip light problems in the bud before they get deep into the surface and become hard to remove.

Teeth whitening products range from a few dollars for OTC toothpaste to hundreds of dollars for in-office procedures. JS Dental Lab breaks down your options and how much you can expect to pay for each one here.

As with all things, proper maintenance and upkeep is much cheaper than reparative work. So, if you keep your teeth white and healthy by using reputable products and staying away from known staining agents, occasional touch-ups won’t break the bank. Look for a custom-made whitening gel tray that you can invest in once, and then it will be less costly to order refills on demand.


Watching what you put in your mouth, especially tobacco and other known staining agents, is the first step in keeping your teeth white. But with these five products on hand and regular professional dental cleanings, your white teeth will be more likely to stay that way over the years.

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