Yoga poses to make mind and body complete

6 Yoga poses to make mind and body complete

Yoga simply means to discipline the body and personality, to prepare them for a purpose. We will talk about how Ashtanga Yoga is the best way to discipline a person morally, physically, and mentally. Yoga is a practice that makes the body flexible. After doing this, the mind gets peace and the body remains healthy. Every person should do yoga daily, it is very important in our lifestyle. In today’s tired life, it is very important to do yoga to keep your body healthy. Due to this, the person remains physically and mentally healthy. In today’s post, we were going to know which 6 yoga poses which are necessary for every person to do.

6 Yoga poses to make mind and body complete

1. Parsvottanasana: For digestive power-

Stand straight on the ground. Take the left foot at least 2 feet behind the right foot. Raise both hands up and slowly start bending forward. While bending forward, start bringing the hands forward as well. When your face comes close to the right knee, place the palms on the right foot. You can also bring the hands behind the waist in the posture of joining hands. Stay in this yoga posture for some time according to your ability and then gradually come back to a normal state.


  • Improves digestion power, and flexibility in the spine, hips, shoulders, and wrists.
  • Legs are strong.
  • The mind and the mind becomes calm.

2. Ashtanga Namaskar: Effect on eight limbs

Sit in Braj’s posture. Keep the hands on the ground and move forward until the arms are completely on the ground. Make sure that the feet, knees, chest and chin, and hands of the body are on the ground to handle the weight of the body. After this, the stomach is raised above the ground. Stay in this position for some time and come back to the first position.


  • This yoga opens the chest.
  • It is helpful in preventing diseases related to the lungs.
  • Strengthens the hand.
  • Its regular practice can reduce belly fat.
  • It also strengthens the toes.
  • Digestion also improves.

3. Anjanayasana: The body becomes flexible

Sit in Braj’s posture, take the left foot backward and place the soles of the feet on the ground on the right and bring both the hands above the head and join them together. Try to lean back slowly. Take the hands back as far as possible. Stay in this position for 20 to 30 seconds. After that come back to normal position.


  • Lungs get stronger.
  • The muscles around the chest get the benefit.
  • Energy is felt in the body.
  • The practice of this asana is useful to increase the flexibility of the body.

4. Uttan Shishunasana: For the spine-

Sit in Braj’s posture. Taking a deep breath, raise both hands upwards. While exhaling slowly, bend forward and keep your forehead near the ground. Now keep your palms on the ground as well. Now stay in this posture for some time and keep breathing normally. Breathe in and come back to the position of Braj asana.


  • It also helps in increasing the flexibility of the spine.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Stretches the back and shoulders.
  • Calms the mind and body.

5. Kukkutasana: For arms, shoulders-

Sit in Padmasana on the right. Move the right hand between the right thigh and the right calf and the left hand between the left thigh and the left calf. Bring the hands down to the elbows. While inhaling, lift the body from the ground into the air as much as possible. Keeping the weight of the body on the palms, slowly inhale and exhale, maintain this position as far as possible while exhaling slowly come to your first position.


  • Arms, shoulders, and elbows become strong.
  • Lung capacity increases.
  • The body is balanced.
  • Concentration increases.
  • The mind becomes calm.

6. Ananda Balasan: For the mind-

Lie down on your back. Breathe in and out slowly. While exhaling bend the knees towards the chest. The soles of the feet should be towards the ceiling. Allow the hips to touch the ground. Hold the soles of both feet with your hands. Now slowly bring your knees towards the armpits. Slowly rotate the body to one side and then to the other. This asana can be done for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


  • Gives relief to both hands and feet.
  • Removes stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • Gives relief to the back.
  • It cures if there is a pain in the lower back.
  • The mind remains calm.
  • Makes the digestive system healthy

Do these five yoga activities on the go

Sometimes due to the arrangement, there is no time for exercise or yoga. Here are some such small actions which can be done anywhere at home or office. This action will not let you get tired even in the busy routine.

1. Stand a little away from the wall, place your hands on the wall, bend and bring your body parallel to the ground and push your chest towards the ground.

2. Stand with your arm towards the wall. Move the hand from front to back. Keep your palms on the wall.

3. Stand facing the wall. Place your hands on the wall and slowly lower the chest toward the wall and return to the original position. Repeat this a few times.

4. Place your hands on the side panel of the door and move your chest forward and come back to the first position. Repeat this process twice.

5. Sit on a chair and bring the right leg forward. Hold his toe with both hands. Look ahead and don’t bend down while going down. Repeat with the other leg. Place the hand on the opposite knee and bend the arm to look back while pulling it back.

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