A Glimpse into Pigeon Blood Ruby: The Gem of Passion and Power

Rubies are one of the most beautiful precious stones known for their intense color. Along with sapphire, Ruby stone is also a valuable variety of the corundum family. The gemstone is regarded as the birthstone for July and the gem for 15th and 40th anniversaries. These beautiful red-colored gemstones are found in Myanmar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Pakistan, and more. Out of these various sources, Burma(Myanmar) is the most valued place known for its amazing pigeon blood ruby. 


There are many stories related to the name of the stone. Some believe the stone’s color is comparable to the first two drops of pigeon blood, while others relate it to the color of a pigeon’s eye. Though the term’ blood red’ remains vague but the intensive red hue of the stone is unmatched. The fiery red color of the gemstone signifies passion, love, and anger. Owing to the best of the emotions this gem reflects- the ‘love,’ most people prefer jewelry made from these red-colored stones. 

Exploring the Origin and Characteristics of the Stone 


Talk about the most famous Sunrise Ruby, the Graff Ruby, or the Crimson Flame ruby; each of these finest rubies have one thing in common- their origin. All these classy pieces are Pigeon blood ruby stones ( also known as Burma ruby) that have fascinated people worldwide. These finest rubies’ unmatched red color and outstanding properties have made headlines at various auctions. These statement gems are sourced from the Mogok mines of Burma. Mogok is also called the “Valley of Rubies.” This area is a part of the Kathe district of the Mandalay region of Myanmar. The gemstone-producing area called the Mogok Stone Tract is a well-known area of several valleys and towns.  


Formation of the Stone 


The gemstone’s formation begins with the intense heat and pressure that converts the limestone to marble (where rubies are found). The interaction between the fluids rich in salt and carbon dioxide and the marble deposits accounts for elements flowing. These elements, like aluminum, magnesium, vanadium, and chromium, are freed during chemical reactions. The presence of chromium causes the red color in pigeon blood ruby. The more chromium in the stone, the more intense the red color. The marble-type deposits are responsible for ruby stone formation. 


Characteristic of the Stone: Highlighting the Color 


The main characteristic of the stone is its beautiful color. In case of Burma rubies, the color grading is given a specific term GRS- type 1 and type 2. As per this grading system, the chromium content should be higher, and the iron content should be low or medium. These fascinating rubies that qualify the type 1 GRS type are those with the above-stated ratio of Cr/Fe (High/low or medium). 


There is another factor that comes into play is the fluorescence. In some stones, fluorescence can be seen due to the excess of iron element compared to chromium. Type 2 GRS grading system applies to those pigeon blood ruby that displays medium or less fluorescence in UV light. 

Apart from the color, ruby stone also features fair hardness and refractive index, making it the ideal stone for jewelry. 

Historical and Cultural Significance 


The color of the ruby stone holds a perfect symbolism with that of the blood. This ancient symbolism was by the similarity of the stone’s color and blood. The gemstone was associated with healing power, such as purifying the blood or an antidote for poison. The ancient civilization of Burma believed that rubies were so powerful that they protected people from harm. For instance, the stone was embedded under the skin of the Burmese soldiers. This protected the soldiers from wounds from spears and other weapons during wartime. These gemstones, commonly called the ‘king of precious stones,’ has been long associated with health, wealth, wisdom, and love. The ruby stone also has astrological benefits, such as people wearing the stone benefit from all life prospects like finance, health, wealth, and relationships. 


Evaluation and Pricing of the Amazing Stone 


After much discussion about the stone’s characteristics, cultural and historical significance, it is time to check out the pricing factor of this beautiful stone. The main factors determining pigeon blood ruby price are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. As stated, color is the most important characteristic of any gemstone; the price value also depends on this feature. The price of ruby gemstone depends upon the stone’s intense red color.


  • The more intense the red color of the stone, the higher the prices. 
  • Though, the range of the stone varies from pure red to red with a tint of purplish tone. For Burma rubies, the ideal red color is saturated with medium depths (the depth of the color is called tone). 
  • Pigeon blood ruby that is untreated or natural (or with few inclusions), has high transparency, and homogenous color distribution accounts for higher stone prices. 
  • One important factor that must be highlighted here is that the primary hue of rubies is red, but the stone also displays secondary hues. It is important to evaluate the colors of the stone as the finest Burma rubies are with a dark red hue.  

As per Eduard J. Gubelin, “the ones with saturated red color, a fiery glow that shines inside he stone, the intense gloss finish accounts for the Pigeon blood ruby stone. The more glowing and bright red colored stone, the most costly it gets”.   


The other factor that also comes in the criteria of pricing is certificates. The certificate assigned to the gemstone is its authenticity of being premium quality. At Navratan, the pigeon blood ruby is GRS certified. As per this certification (GRS type), the rubies with disturbing inclusions or residues are rejected. Other than this, beryllium-treated and synthetic rubies are not considered to have pigeon blood red color. Thus, one must consider all these factors while buying pigeon blood ruby online. 


To conclude, ruby gemstones symbolize passion, love, power, and truth. The amazing Pigeon blood ruby comes from the renowned mines of Burma. The sparkling red hue of the stone is the defining feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the rubies. The prices of Burma rubies are primarily governed by their color and other factors such as cut, clarity, and carat weight. These premium-quality gemstones have never failed to impress onlookers with their unparalleled beauty. 


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