Four Eco-Friendly Technologies for a Green Business

Four Eco-Friendly Technologies for a Green Business

According to The Global Sustainability Study 2021 study, 60% of worldwide consumers rate sustainability as an important purchase criterion. If you fail to run an eco-friendly business or don’t invest in sustainable products, packaging, or services, your business might lose out on many customers over the years.

Instead of allowing environmentally friendly competitors to gain a larger share of the market, you must embrace sustainable practices to attract your target audience and meet your responsibilities. 

Get started by learning about the four eco-friendly technologies that could help you run a greener business.

Solar Power

Solar power will allow you to sustainably power your business while reducing its energy bills. Once solar panels are installed on a commercial building, they will convert the sun’s powerful UV rays into electricity or heat.

As solar power only depends on sunshine to produce energy, you can trust that it’s a clean energy source that will emit zero carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases.

Also, you can make money from the energy that your business doesn’t use as you can send excess electricity back to the grid to top up your company’s finances.

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around the technology’s terminology, here’s a handy guide to solar energy jargon made simple. It will help to prevent confusion when introducing solar panels to your business.

Cloud Technologies

The cloud will help you to run an eco-friendly business in many ways, as it will use less power and slash your company’s carbon emissions. For instance, you’ll need to use a substantial amount of energy to operate a traditional server, and it may even depend on a backup generator and cooling fans to prevent business disruption. However, cloud technology will use fewer servers and require zero maintenance to ensure its smooth running.

Cloud computing is making it easier than ever for management and employees to work from home, too. As the data they need is in the cloud, all they need to do is log in to access information and get to work. As a result, it will reduce your employees’ daily carbon footprint, and your business could save money on electricity, water, and heating.

Electric Vehicles

Introducing electric vehicles makes good business sense. These innovative cars will emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions throughout their lifespan compared to traditional vehicles, making them better for the planet. 

Also, sought-after electric cars are much cheaper to run, as they have lower maintenance costs compared to diesel and petrol cars. As an electric vehicle uses less fluid, you don’t need to worry about paying for transmission fluid, oil changes, coolant, fuel filters, and spark plug replacements. The eco-friendly vehicles could save your business a substantial amount of money in the long term.

Running a green business can benefit your brand in many ways as it could help you to attract more customers, reduce monthly overheads, and adhere to your company’s environmental responsibility. Keep the above innovative technologies in mind when introducing more sustainable practices into your operations.

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