Is it possible to scrape Instagram comment API?

Instagram comments are important if you don’t know! Heard of scrapping Instagram comment API? According to the terms of Instagram, removing data from the Instagram platform through automated means is forbidden. With consent to the Instagram policies, some companies and researchers may use the Instagram API to access some data. One can scrap Instagram comment API with the help of Instagram comment Scraper. However, Instagram does not allow any kind of scraping of content, as it is not under the law. The account will get banned if one does the data scrapping from Instagram. Instagram’s official API allows the user to access the post and comments. However, the scraping API of Instagram does not permit the user to extract the data for other people’s posts, comments, and photos in the list format. 

Instagram Scraper is used to scrape data. The scraper permits the user to transport available social media data, like likes, comments, photos, etc., from Instagram. One needs to follow many steps to scrape the Instagram comment API:

  1. Start by creating an Afy account. 
  2. The user has to open Instagram Comment Scraper.
  3. Post one or more Scraper URLs 
  4. Click the start button.
  5. Extract the data.
  6. Download the data in JSON, XML, CSV, etc. format.

Instagram scrapers extract data like hashtags, comments, profiles, locations, etc. 

On Instagram, it is legal to extract publicly available data. But, you cannot extract personal data with private information and patent protection. There are different types of Instagram scrapers. Some of them are here below: 

  1. Instagram Profile Scraper.
  2. Instagram Hashtags Scraper. 
  3. Instagram Post Scraper. 
  4. Instagram Reel Scraper. 
  5. Instagram API Scraper. 
  6. Instagram Tagged Scraper. 
  7. Instagram comment Scraper. 

The required data is scraped by just entering the Instagram usernames.


Legality of scraping of Instagram comments

According to sources, scraping Instagram comments is legal. Cloud Web Scraper helps users to do Instagram scraping on the cloud. The Instagram scrapers do not extract personal data like email addresses, gender, and location. Private data is kept safe by the GDPR in the European Union and some other regulations worldwide. The user cannot scrape any personal data unless the reason is legitimate. If there is any restriction on accessing data, the user should take permission to extract it. Without obtaining the permission of the original owner, the extracted data is not eligible to be shared commercially. The user should always follow the terms and conditions before extracting and using the data.


One can also link Instagram comment Scraper with many cloud services like Make, Slack, Airbyte, Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc. The users always get prior notification when one does Instagram scraping.

Reasons behind scraping Instagram comments

The user scrapes Instagram comments to check the customers’ reactions to the businesses’ marketing strategy. It also helps to track the engagement of the customers with the brand. How can you miss tracking any misinformation about the business? Scraping Instagram comments directly helps with that! The basic reason behind scraping of Comments on Instagram is to help researchers and observers study market trend patterns. It may also help to monitor the competition in the market. Some users collect different types of information from multiple sources and then post them in one account. Some users will scrape a few comments and posts to arrange their content, which includes comments, photos, and posts. The reasons may vary, but all of them serve one purpose- the betterment of the brand. 


Cost of Instagram scraping 

It is difficult to estimate the cost of scraping comments on Instagram. You can start by scraping a small sample to find out the cost. When you are in a position to locate the price per scrape, you can calculate the exact amount for the whole scraping of the comments. If you are getting good results, this is worth investing in.

Best Instagram Scraper

The user of such a service learns about the audience by surveying the comment section of the posts or the competitor’s post. Sifting huge amounts of comments manually will take a lot of time. To save the user’s valuable time, one can use Instagram Comment Scraper. In 2023, six best comment Scraper is available. Check them one by one here.

  1. Bright Data

Bright Data is a popular Instagram Comment Scraper. The Scraper provides a convenient interface. The users can easily extract comments from the posts. Bright Data also provides customization. Data collection can be easily scaled up using the platform’s proxy network. It supports several data formats like JSON, CSV, and XML.

  1. Apify

Apify can provide a wide variety of web scraping and automation tools. Apify is the best Instagram comment Scraper. Its in-built scheduler automatically enables the process. Apify guarantees that the user can scrap comments efficiently and correctly. The dynamic content can be handled very efficiently by Apify. 

  1. Scraper API

It is a platform that offers a simple API. API supports several programming languages, like Java scripts, Python, etc. Scraper API can extract important data from Instagram comments.

  1. Phantom Buster

It is a platform that offers customized options. Phantom Buster can extract comments for marketing campaigns. It allows the user to select a post from where to extract the Instagram comment. 

  1. Scraping Bee

The platform provides simple API and helps select particular hashtags, and user accounts to scrape comments from. Scraping Bee is the best and easy to-use Instagram Scraper. If you are wondering about the security factors, then leave the stress here. It has diverse security features, such as SSL encryption. 


The platform offers many residential proxies to extract comments from Instagram posts. Speed is the most important feature of SmartProxy. It helps to scrape comments from the posts very swiftly and efficiently. 

Wrapping up

It is easy to scrap the comments from the Instagram posts with the help of the above Scraper. Just follow the required terms and conditions while scraping any comments from the Instagram posts. Ensure that marketing or betterment should be your only intention while scraping Instagram comments. Keep growing your brand! 


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